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Just to briefly say (and potentially others to chime in, as I suspect I'm not alone by a wide shot) Thank you for running the midsummer event on rocko. I appreciate its been a yearly thing though this was my first personal experience of it but there must have been a lot of original work setting it up, coordinating and then frankly (at least judging by the couple dozen ahelps I sent) a personal kind of witch-work to make it happen as it did. I personally enjoyed it a lot, feeling that the general pace, piping in the music and little centcom communications and lore inserts really added to steer the general vibe of the round and give context. 

Though this is more an admin feedback section I'll just say as well: The players were great. Nearly everyone I met was right at the top of their RP game in some fashion or another. This was a really nice personal experience for me to RP with people that because of departments or characters, I might not usually get the same chance to, and it was a pleasure to do so. 

So in general, thanks for what must have been an incredible effort, and handling the reschedulings. This is now my favourite round, and my usual characters weren't even in it. Happy midsummer.

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I’m very glad to hear that you and others enjoyed the event! The setup and preparations were definitely a lot more rushed compared to previous years due to my continuous procrastination (thank you Sov for your help with the infinite hallway like an hour before the start of the event Morty), so I’m pleased that things generally went well in spite of that. And yes, thank you to all the witches and crew for your great RP. Happy Midsummer!

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