Complaint captain bravo morty 3 06/26/24
Admin: captain bravo

Server:  rp 3
Date + time: 06/26/24 around 5-6am central us
Synopsis: i was on morty as a researcher i was doing artlab with another researcher and a staffie that had offered assistance
something happened to the art lab so we left it and a guy asked me if i knew toxins bc he hadnt done it in awhile and i told him id try to give him a rundown of what i remember. we went to toxins and i made my mix and crafted a singular ttv. The other researcher made one and then i said we should go to somewhere in space like the space diner or somewhere abandoned to test the bombs. the other researcher said he could use the telesci terminal to get us there so i said sure after he messed around for awhile he had me look at the hemet cam tv to see where the portal went i saw it was in the kitchen by command so i said lets jsut get a pod . walking down the hallway there was suddenly no air and i saw that the cafeteria was gone and i knew the guy blew it up. i went back to research and then talked with him and the staffie for a bit and the said id walkinto medbay with the staffie to blow up. we went and i said he was a good apprentice and im proud of hin then i died(i realise this is wrong now im sorry)(i also handed him the ttv i made which was dumb i just got carried away teaching someone new). at the end of the round i was banned for a week which is fair bc i helped the antag.which i am sorry for i just got carried away teaching someone bc it felt nice.a handful of hours later i got on bc i was considering appealing but was on the fence bc ik you guys are sick of me. I then saw that it had been upped to a perma bc i was"blatantly handing out bombs (plural) when i had only made one. idk if i taught the other 2 the wrong way or something bc he also mentioned i didnt encourage them to build up to that point but im not sure what he meant there and im sorry if i taught them wrong i just teach how i learn. My issue and complaint here is that he blatantly lied saying i was handing out ttvs like candy or something it just feels very targeted. ive been doing my best to be a good positive member of the community.i also dont care that im banned and dont expect to get unbanned ever again really unless some miracle happens i just want him to acknowledge that he was exaggerating or something to that effect
Logs: If you have accompanying logs, please post them in spoilers.
Extra information: i included the ban so its easier to find the time for you thanks for your time

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The only forum you should be posting about this on right now is the ban appeal forum.

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