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Making the debris field a more of an adventure
The debris field has been a source of fun for most players at some point, but after exploring it a few times- and or looking at a map of the place, almost all of that exploration spirit is gone.
My suggestion? Using already available in-game systems, parts of the debris field could be remade into randomly generated mini-dungeons for any people willing to brave their dangers for various rewards. Based on the same "room-pool" system the station random rooms use, there would be a room-pool for larger structures- meaning positions of dungeons wouldn't change round to round, but the dungeon itself would. These would be designed with any combination of traps, small puzzles and enemies. The difficulty of these obstacles would scale along with the rewards waiting for you inside.
The size of these? I would suggest a baseline along the lines of 10x10 tiles. Of course, there could also be more room-pools for different sizes of dungeons.

And that's it. It's a pretty simple concept but I think it would make the debris field a lot more fun for any explorer - regardless of their playtime.

Tell me what you think!
That why asteroid level is randomly generate.
But yeah it should be great if we have some of random change of debris field.
I'm not sure how doable (or not doable, it could be either!) procedurally-generated mini dungeons could be, but I definitely wouldn't object to someone adding more variety of options to the fields in general, sure! Maybe if not that some new set-pieces. If there was a competition for it I'd actually finally have to buckle down and look at (and promptly do a terrible job of but it could be fun) submitting something.
Personally, I prefer the utility of a pregen debris field. I think a good alternative would just be to *vastly* expand the space options in general. Maybe a few more prefab space levels, then a whole *bunch* of randomly generated ones. Maybe even planet dungeons and whatnot too!
the problem with just adding new levels is that every new z-level is another 90,000 map squares the game has to manage; multiply that by a few to handle other components (lighting, etc) and you start to see why there are only a handful

i would like to see a terrestrial mining area (similar to the trench, but not underwater, or cave-based?) but i like the debris field as-is for hosting a lot of static content

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