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Banned Prisoner Role
Okay so hear me out here. I know I've been banned twice now for horrible behaviour but i really really do love RPing and playing this game. What if i could get a permanent role for 7 days as a prisoner stuck in a security brig or hold or something. As long as the ban is in effect and can be released aftward. I think it's pretty interesting and don't want to stop playing. I am aware of my actions and will not hassle security if this were to become a thing. I have a feeling it won't happen but it seems like a neat idea.
you can download the game and start up your own server and put yourself in prison if you want.

Quote:I think it's pretty interesting and don't want to stop playing

we want you to stop playing. a ban is not a reward.
We are not adding a role that let banned people keep playing, puts a burden on Security to manage however many people got that role, and puts a burden on us Administrators to monitor the actions of both Security and the people playing the role. 
This idea is not workable in any form. To put plainly: No.

Originally the clown role was ment to be a punishment for those who broke the rules... but people wanted to be a clown so they broke the rules. (you could only play a clown and people could be rude to you and such)

Now it's a staple of the game and no longer requires to "ACT LIKE A CLOWN" to be a clown.

So this suggestion is.. well... you know? The same problem.

People want to be banned so they can be prisoners for a round or two.

Though the idea of a prisoner role is.. Not compitable with goonstation, it does exist on some other servers.

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