Feedback Late Thanks for Angel/Events in general while we've been highpop
I forgot to write one of these, and everyone else is doing it but the very valid point that praise is always worth hearing one more time than criticism exists:
We've had some absolutely diamond events recently from various admins. Other posts have covered some of them but I wanted to highlight the "Syndicate mass assault" on Donut 2 we had last week. It was staggered well over the course of the round, involved the crew as a whole, and had just that right balance of "absolute murderfest we have no chance" while not making it a barn-stomp, so I wanted to thank Angel again for that one.

I feel like the occasional big event is both nice for newbees to show off what it can be like when things truly go off the rails, and probably a nice palette refresh from the usual rounds for everyone else. I also appreciate past events that have been a little more lower-tempo: One that has always stuck in the memory is Varshie's "The flesh" changeling abomination skulking the tunnels of Kondaru. Or the time the station went full fish. Just nice as a treat and I get the sense there's a lot of work put in to them.

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