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Sundance HoS Application
Usual Character Name: Sundance Feely

BYOND Username: Sundance420

Recommended by (if applicable): Lots of peeps. I often work with security positively if they are good in a round and people have noticed this.

Times Available: Anytime after 9pm UTC. Although on holiday periods/weekends it's normally earlier (and longer) because I like to get smoked and be anti-social.

Reason for Application (300 word minimum):
I have been playing this damn game for a solid 6 months now, and I am admittedly addicted to 2d spacemen in space. I have learned so much from this addiction, to date I have been competent in all things medical, all things science related, including dwaine terminals and telescience, all things electronic and engineering related including construction/deconstruction and setting up the singularity. I am competent in cooking, botany, mining, quartermasters and of course, security. I am also still learning, I have yet to figure out the more complicated sides of things like genetic superpowers, making certain chemicals that make you swedish and that blasted ThinkDos (I do not have full space autism to figure that out yet)
Although I feel I am a confident player, that is not my main reason for application.
People recognise my name in the game for all the right reasons. They know I am not going to mess up their shit for just being in the room, and I know my place, as in I'm not going to be running around medical when I'm supposed to be arresting guys if someone tells me to leave I often respect that. As I progress through this game, I've noticed more and more players placing their trust in me, and I try to not let them down.
I have seen executions on the spot by fellow security, I've seen the captain space people that have been annoying him, I have seen people being completely stripped naked and bucklecuffed to a chair and left till the round ends, too many times I have tried righting the wrongs that security have done only to be stipped naked and ironically bucked to a chair. This is main reason I want to be HoS, to give security a better image, to right wrongs that have been committed, but also to right the wrongs before they are committed; to ensure that proper policy is set in stone

Security Experience (300 word minimum):
Security would not be my first choice, HoP and Detective I normally veer towards. This is not to say I don't have security experience, not in the slightest, I have been security or have opted towards security (applying through the HoP) often when I feel the station is in need of some protection.
Playing as the Hop, I know the hate that can come towards a full frontal SecHop, people don't like security with that much power that's not the HoS. When I'm the HoP and I hear the security chatter, I work silently in the background, setting arrests (because I know half the security don't know how to work the computer), organising access for security or anything that they might need. When the HoS is not there and the captain is busy getting drunk, I keep a close eye on the behaviour of security, and boy do they sometimes like to abuse their power.
When I'm the detective, I work very closely with the security. In many peoples eyes, the detective is more respected, but that's only because the gun he uses is as last resort, otherwise he'd be disposed of quite quickly by an angry mob. The new interogation room is great for the following reason: It gives a griefer/ traitor/ wrongly accused to voice his opinion without being completely stripped naked by an incompetent security officer. If I was the HoS, I would make sure the vast majority goes through this process as it not only gives the detective a more important role, but treats players with more respect. People should see security as a place of safe haven, where answers are found not where blood is spilt.
Being the plain ol' security officer I try my best to be there for players in most need. I'm not going to be chasing the janitor for slipping me up when there's a maniac with a maneating toolbox around.
Everyone knows the feeling of getting stripped of their mic and dragged into the dark, before screaming "Help AI", and often the response is too late. I opt for thermals and run into that darkness, I chase that person, I try my damn best to bring everyone back alive.
I admit at times I am not the most robust, but I am a reliable security officer, I try to treat everyone fair if not overtly kind. I obey my orders from the heads above me and trust my fellow officers (everything with a pinch of salt).

Your opinion of Shrek (5 word minimum):
The person who voices shrek, mike myers, should not be confused with micheal myers, the immortal serial killer from Halloween. They could not be any different. Shrek's pretty cool too, although I would totally bone his wife behind his back just so I could boast about it in a weird kind of way.

Previous Bans (While this will not affect your application lying about it will):
I got jobbaned from everything science, medical and head related for knocking a dude out with the sleep gas, straightjackin' him to a bed. There was several reasons behind leaving him there, one was that I was hungover and feeling particularly mean, the others explanations can be found here:
viewtopic.php?f=2&t=179. (this has been lifted)
Other than that I got warned for being a douche early on, I remember when I first started playing I started to go around chainsawing braindeads because I didn't know any better.
Who recommended you? If it was HoS players or the admins then list them
Not so much "Sundance you are a really great guy, so great that you should be HoS"
Like seriously, we're all very angry people playing this game, I never stated implicitly that I was recommended for HoS, what encouraged me to put forth my application is the positive feedback that I would get in the ooc from a round ending like "Detective actually got shit done that round" and "HoP saved my ass once too many times"
I honestly have not kept track of names, I'm hoping people would chime in for support. And if people chime in against, then I will take it on the chin once it's constructive
I think regular players do not count as "recommendations". Its admins or actual HoS players that do count.

I won't badger them if I were you.
Well hey, I'm an HoS/Mentor, and I'll give Sundance my support. Seems like a levelheaded guy from what I can see and might do well with the beret. I've seen him be a damn fun captain and I believe I've seen him play security pretty well too.

Also, Sundance, don't weigh in on other applications with things like "I love the colored words" or "Hey you shouldn't say no for that". Leave it be man.
Sundance is cool, levelheaded and likable. Yessiree
I've saw him around a few times, never started any problems.

And Sundance has even helped take down even Shambling Abominations.

He gets my vote.
hes very trustable and is an excellent coice for an new hos he may played ss13 for half an year but he learns fast

heres an YES vote
Sundance plays the hop often, and I always see him at his station being responsible, which shows he can handle some element of power already.

Gonna say yes.
I haven't seen him in any Security roles, but he does play a fine HoP, and is a fairly cool dude. I'd put my support behind him.

Also he made me a Security Officer as HoP once, and almost no HoP is ever trusting enough to do that. Of course, I was a changeling at the time, but he didn't know that. I can respect a player who is willing to set aside the meta and take a chance. Even if it turns out wrong.
Thanks for the resounding support guys. It's nice to see that good behavior reaps good merit.
The levelheaded side of me would be half the fact that I'm stoned playing this game, and the other would be that I'm aware that it is a video game and that we shouldn't be crying over spilled milk. Then again, getting killed while be it quite often can be frustrating even as a traitor when you have to wait an average of 30 minutes for a round to restart, so as HoS, death sentence would be completely the last resort.

BlackPhoenix Wrote:Also, Sundance, don't weigh in on other applications with things like "I love the colored words" or "Hey you shouldn't say no for that". Leave it be man.

That point about the colors was very much a quip at all the others who reviewed the application based solely on presentation.
As an elected HoS, I can verify that, at the least, Sundance is notably un-awful as compared to most other people. I'd support him, though I'd like to see him as sec a little more to make sure he can do it before giving my full support.
Okay, I will put this through later, although having 420 in your key is insanely obnoxious.

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