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I wanted to have some concrete feedback here, instead of just saying things in game and in Discord. 

Mir's efforts to help people learn the game and make the station welcoming to the huge influx of players we have, have not gone unnoticed by me and many others. 

The Pre-Round tips have been incredibly useful, and if these were a thing back when I started it would have helped out a lot. 

Thanks Mir, and the rest of the Admins who have helped you to create the new pre-round format. 

Kind regards 
I hope this is not considered peanut posting, but recently saw Mir on some really cute interactions with some very fresh players, giving them symbolical but really cool rewards for completing small tasks on their jobs. Those are little things and moments that seems silly but can create a nice bond with the server, making them feel seem and that they could be welcomed into the community. Keep it up!
At risk of peanut posting myself thr effort, love, kindness and patience Zamu has put in to trying to make this tide the best tode is frankly so wholesome and amazing it bloss my mind. Its inspired me to try harder. I could not sing the praise of what she was doing more.
See a lot in goon1 come to play with player the admin who I really see active since I can notice by blazing aura green hair maid with red eyes. so +1
I think admins using the pre-round shennigans to give helpful tips and tricks and tutorials is very useful.

Maybe someone should make a video guide on basic shortcuts and controls in Goonstation.
Seems like we are compiling our thanks into one thread.

Also a fan of the show. Great way to get people interacting and into the game. So good an idea I am surprised that others haven't stolen it.

Keep up the fine work

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