Complaint Question about permanent ban, Bilo216, Goonstation 1, 5/27/2024 at 6:53pm (GMT-5)
Admin: Bilo216

Server: Goonstation 1

Date + time: 5/27/2024 at 6:53pm (GMT-5)

Synopsis: I was a botanist and was mainly goofing around and growing a money tree. There was a point where I randomly died while trying to break into the bridge and drink their wine. Two other players noticed my corpse and stole the money off of my body. At that point I thought it would be funny if I pretended to really want revenge and decided to hunt them down, a little while later I found one of the players and after some back and forth I threatened them and hit them in the head with a chainsaw a few times, I stopped hitting this player so they wouldn't die and left, and am unaware if they died of their injuries later. I noted that they seemed very upset with my actions and am sorry if I genuinely upset them in any way.

I found the other player but before I could interact with them they randomly exploded, so I decided to claim that I killed them because I found it funny.

Near the end of the round the admin Bilo216 contacted me and asked me why I had done what I did and I didn't really explain myself very well and responded to their questions in a joking manner. Which I assume upset them leading to a permanent ban.

Extra information: I fully understand the reason for my ban and apologize for my behavior, I promise to not use violence when it is not called for and I will be more respectful to the Admins going forward. But I think that a permanent ban is a very extreme reaction to what happened. Is there anyway this ban can be lessened to a temporary ban? If not I completely understand.
This is what a ban appeal is for, I suggest you post this there tbh
I guess so, I wasn't too sure about posting on this forum but there are other posts similar to mine on here so I assumed it would be fine.

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