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post your favorite ways to die
literally just the title. post them, what's your favorite way to die? or your favorite death, or even a death you hope to have! empowered superfart while on fire on the shuttle? that's my favorite way to go, but what's yours, nerd?

bonus points for pics and videos, like the following! it may only have been burning for a moment in time, but forever in my heart. and hard drive.
[Image: Goonstation_4_Roleplay_Sylvester_Wave-Su...3f22bf207&]
Step 1: Grab hand label
Step 2: Suicide command
Step 3: Choose hand label
Step 4: (DEAD)

I do have one way I prefer more but it's [secret].
Getting crushed by the emergency/mining shuttle
Jump into singulo / PTL / fart until death.
Original Sin.
My modal favourite death tends to be the very boring "I ran out of air in the middle of space" so instead, a brief list of "favourite deaths"
  • Explosive lactose intolerance to supercooled penguin milk
  • A careful plot to drown the station in erebite explosions and drag a nanite swarm through the holes thwarted single-handedly by an errant cargo crate being flung out, clipping me and sending me to my death without anyone knowing. 
  • Nearly every experience being eaten by the ling and joining the hivemind.
  • The time a rather simple arcfiend Saxum was given an execution poisoning at the bar (lovely little RP bit with plenty of time for things to play out)
  • Any time an enterprising engineer builds a mech comp contraption that essentially sums up as "Person cruncher 3000"
  • Special mention: Forming a death cult as a wraith, with the loyal servants bringing tribute (who cruelly, were whispered by their master their fellows intended to kill them and to make sure they killed them first) and making such an 'orrible scene the poor security officer who popped by just turned around and walked away briefly. 

[Image: 55KrtVE.png]
Plasma canister suicide for me. Generally makes a mess of things
Super fart on the bible, cause I like going to a warmer climate!
A simple one-way trip to security with a TTV in my Pod's cargo hold and a signaller in my hand.
Artifact accident that let into a domino effect of everyone dying.
being shoved into a deep fryer a million times and dying in three seconds
[Image: image.png]
Smoking omega weed. Going the way every botanist strives to go.
QGP wizard golem
Power generator artifacts with *absurd* outputs are consistently some of the funniest ways to die. Four people in a group? Dead. Random janitor walking by? Shoes blasted off and he's launched across the hallway, deep crit. Guy who touched it? Vaporized so fast he's not even aware he died.
The niche, not often seen and hidden away deaths are often my favourite. QGP, Chaos Dunks and a few deaths found in adventure zones come to mind. Outside that though, one of my favourite ways to die is with the Ghost Critter suicide. It's death message just can't explain how you died and doesn't bother. Gets a laugh out of me.

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