Ranni Stella/Telareti Mentor App
I think Telareti would make a wonderful mentor, I see them constantly helping out people and having a very friendly attitude in general. They constantly try to make sure everyone they are working with knows whats going on and is having fun. And I see them go out of their way to teach newer players how to play the game and make sure there is no confusion.

Overall, I think Telareti would make a very good Mentor.
+ 1 from me.
Absolutely. Tela has not only been always helpful and kind to others, but also constantly teaching new things to all those they come across. Without a doubt, make Tela purple.

+1 from me.
My experiences with you as best I can remember have all been positive. It's enjoyable to roleplay with you and you behave in a way that coveys you possess both experience and knowledge about how the game works and how to interact well with people. +1
Ranni is both terrifying and fun to have a shift with. Whatever department they are in i know that they know their job and will either use it to better the station or destroy it. i think they would make a good mentor, even if they will rip the head off the students after teaching the lessons (this last bit is a joke)
I have recently had quite a few rounds with Telareti as Ranni is super helpful and attentive in the game and has an excellent grasp of how to help teach people mechanics and things in a way that will last. I don't know Telareti personally but based on what I have seen on multiple occasions I believe everything Telareti has lined out within this application, very polite and approachable in-game both creating a very nice atmosphere for learning as well as actively speaking over the radio in the rounds I played with Ranni offering to teach anyone (multiple times) how to set up mech comp teleporter setups while she does her rounds setting them up around the station.

The way she did it especially shows some of the core values and guidelines we as mentors are held to. Offering assistance only to those that want it and ask being courteous and respectful and allowing the person to go at their own pace.

attentive, patient, and respectfully proactive/ inviting. These are some of the qualities I would say I felt in the rounds I played with Telareti and based on those experiences and what I have seen so far I think Telareti Would make a great fit as a mentor.
The fact that Telareti isn't already a mentor is mind-blowing to me. They are always ready to include people in whatever nonsense they're up to, and leap at every opportunity to teach folks new skills! During the slow season before the Nightshade rush, I personally observed them pulling in quieter (newer) folks, and chatting them up both ICly and in after-round chat. She's a blast, and honestly I've learned a lot from just observing her interactions with others.

I'd be so happy to see her as a mentor. She's such a perfect fit for all the values the Goonteam maintains.
We really appreciate the time and effort you put into this application, but have decided to deny it due to some concerns regarding your behaviour. Feel free to reach out to us via discord if you wish to get some additional info.

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