Ranni Stella/Telareti Mentor App
Usual character name: Ranni Stella

BYOND username: Telareti
Discord username (if you are on our discord): Telareti(Ranni)

Recommended by (if applicable):
Goon servers you play: Server 3 Morty, Server 4 Sylvester

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum):
I've always been passionate with helping people learn mechanics and different jobs, and seeing them reach the point where they can function and work the job independently is one of the most enjoyable things for me personally, it's great seeing people progress and grow, and I feel having someone there willing and happy to support you in learning the game is vital in developing a healthy and growing community, it's thanks to people like that and the community that I've stuck around and learnt as much as I have.

Since I began playing Ranni, I've wanted to be approachable in rounds and to improve in area's where I and my old characters had issues in, I enjoy playing command jobs due to them having extra reach when it comes to making sure everyone in a department is doing okay and have what they need, with the rise in population recently and lots of new players, i've decided to apply, I feel the tools that come with being a mentor would enhance and allow me to teach people a lot more effectively and with a wider reach, I've really enjoyed the interaction with all the new players recently and i'd like to better support them and anyone else!

When it comes to teaching in game, I often get the one i'm teaching to actively take part, so they can follow the steps themselves, to help reinforce it in their memory, such as getting them to input the commands on a terminal, or the steps in surgery, and while doing this asking them "Are you understanding and any questions?" to make sure they're processing it, then after the first or second time, i'll get them to go through the steps again without my input to see if they've learnt, I'll often avoid spoiling the fun parts of the job such as what an artifact does, and leave stuff such as that for them to discover unless specifically asked.

Security experience
When it comes to my security knowledge I am capable in being able to teach all the different aspects, such as secmate, forensics, ticket master, and sometimes the more complicated stuff like punishments and brig times, by either having them partner up with me or another officer, and allow them to experience security interactions and punishments along aside us!

Medical experience
I know most of the main medical chemicals for treating different injuries and issues, which equipment to use for different situation and tools for surgery, when it comes to robotics, i'm a bit rusty but can confidently teach someone how to remove brains and build borgs with said brains or other methods, I'm currently playing medical more to refine my knowledge and to be able to remember what each medical chemical treats, instead of just the main ones. lastly genetics i'd say i'm the most knowledgeable in, knowing each gene, upgrades and methods, and the in-depth mechanics inside the terminal that is so captivating it has geneticist staring at it for 100 minutes every round!

Silicons, i've not played Ai or silicons in General in a long while, however I know the core mechanics and such behind them

Civilian experience
I'd say the most knowledgably area for me is botany, when it comes to building what plant stats, splicing and creating different types of plants for different purposes, though i still reference the wiki for lots of the plant types as i don't know all the combos. when someone is learning botany for the first time i'll often teach them all the basics of what each device does and how the stats work, then give them the choice of making their own plant or making one along side me that i'm familiar with.

Chef, Bartender Rancher i'd say i know the basics but not too much all the food and drink types and how to make them, so i'll often link the wiki when someone is asking for help with how and what to make, When it comes to Rancher, I know the basic mechanics but not too well verse in all the different methods to raise each chicken so i often consult the wiki like the other two jobs.

All other Civil jobs i'd say i'm knowledgably in, chaplain Faith mechanics and equipment, Janitor room locations and how to use each tool and all the core and basic stuff around each one.

Engineering experience
I'm Familiar with Singularity, how to start one, make a new one, or stop one that's loose, Ocean i'm experienced with and how the stompers and hotspots work to obtain power with, TEG i know how to start a basic charcoal burn and have power producing, but least knowledgeable in hellburns and Nuclear reactor, other engineering mechanics like how to repair things, construction, stopping fires, decorate rooms, and building interdictors I'm knowledgeable with.

Mining and Cargo i'm rusty with and need to refine and improve my knowledge on, but i know the basics of mining, such as what ores serve what purposes, gathering and how to repair the mining magnet.

Science experience
I have the most experience in artlab when it comes to science, such as each command for the terminal short and long versions, all methods for artifacts and what each examine text means, often times when teaching artlab, i'll have them pick a artifact, and show them each device to use, get them to input the commands for the device, then move on to the next device until the artifact activates and we've gone through all the commands and devices, after the first two artifacts, i'll have them activate the third one without any input from me unless asked to see if they got the commands and activation methods down, i'll often let them find out what a artifact does through activation and testing unless asked, since discovering what they do is the most fun imo!

Chem and telescience I'm really rusty in, so often consult and link the wiki when needed for finding locations and making chemicals.

Command experience
With each command Job i'm aware of the tools they get and different command related mechanics and access, while on top of it, the responsibilities the different command heads have and the leadership role they take I'm familiar in!

I'm Familer with most Antags, such as core mechanics and Powers, I can teach Salvagers where to start and what each device and tools do, like with security I'll often Partner up with newer Salvs to help them understand and get the hang of it, I'd say Flockmind and Blob, i have very little knowledge in

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will):

Around Two Years ago a one day ban is the only one i have from memory.
Absolutely no problems whatsoever with Telareti and mentorship. While I cannot speak for how active they are in the questions channel on the discord server, as I do not check it super often myself, in-game they are incredibly friendly and I quite often find them offering assistance to others if needed when it comes to learning things. Incredibly knowledgeable as well, and someone I would very happily reach out to if I needed some form of assistance, instruction, or.. just a simple question that needs answering to about the game.
You are a great teacher when it comes to Security, and I believe you could be a great teacher elsewhere too. I just need to see it - not saying it doesn't, just I haven't caught it yet. Teaches new Security players as a HoS should, and has probably one of the most positive attitudes out of anyone active in the community. Neutral leaning on positive, once I see some teaching in other departments it'll most definitely be a big positive recommendation.
I've had overall positive experiences with Telareti during my time on goon, and can recall plenty of instances where they taught me game mechanics (genetics being the big one). They're patient, fun to be in round with, and have a friendly presence on the discord.

+1 from me Sleeping bee
I'm surprised you aren't a mentor already. you're a great sec teacher and generally great teacher overall from my experiences with ya and would love to see you in the mentor role proper.

+1 from me.
I can speak about Telareti's/Ranni Stella's sec teaching. I've witnessed them taking the time to show new secasses the very elementary stuff, such as how to use secmate. A patient, untiring and cheery person. Never seen them act condescending to new players.

I would be surprised if they didn't deliver as a mentor. smile
Lately I've been random naming and pretending to be new, and was very impressed with what I saw from Ranni. They were HoS and saw me loitering aimlessly around the bar and took the time to approach me, greeted me very nicely. Asked if I needed anything, and escorted me to the HoP line since I was looking for work. They waited nearby to ask if I needed anything else once we got there, but I was satisfied with that. All in all a pleasant experience.

Knows a lot of info that can help other players, no doubt that. Seen them teach lots of different jobs, taking the time to explain how or what to do. Seen lots of positive encounters and interactions with old and new players. Overall, very friendly and actively engages with new people. I feel a mindset like that will translate very well, they got good mentor vibes.
I'm amazed Ranni's not already a mentor.
I've been personally taught in both antag and non-antag roles (Goon 3, Morty. I only play here) by Ranni in the past and witnessed quite a few times on 3 them training others (Examples, Security assistants (regularly), medical (recently as of a few days ago as an example), especially in the glut of new players  that have joined the servers in the past week or so.
Ranni (And at the time Gunnar) were the ones who helped me through my first few shifts of Secass, with the help of Sally McCaa, though it is always daunting to see her as an antag - you know you're in for a hard fight (AKA they know their stuff when it comes to playing the bad guys). The RP is strong and usually a good laugh.
I can't speak out of game as I exclusively play on the RP server and rarely chat on Discord.
Haven't seen Ranni in a bit, but that's just cause I haven't been on lately. When I did see them last, they were always friendly and welcoming to not only me, but other players as well. I can confidently say that they not only seem competent in their roles they play most often, but also like a welcoming face that'd be able to help new players in a friendly way.

+1 from me! queen greater domestic space-bee
Telareti once talked me through surgically removing saxum's own leg once while sec was coming to bang down the mining outpost doors. I feel like this covers all possible bases of an endorsement.
Ranni is a fantastic HoS which should say a lot about her general conduct and ability to be a guide for new players. She's an all-around pleasure to interact with in rounds, and possesses a lot of patience and knowledge that I think new players would benefit immensely from.
Lately, I've witnessed her working as the Medical Director and walking people through various procedures and chems involved in the day-to-day of medical. In a department that can get really hectic given the recent population boom, she was able to teach without much interruption, and I've even seen some newbees thank her in OOC chat after the round. Can't get a better endorsement than that!

Super huge +1 from me!
Recently saw you help out players outside of just Security. No reasons not to give Telareti the purple. +1 ontop of what I had said earlier, great teacher.
Especially in Security, Ranni is always helping out new assistants and generally being the most competent member of any team. In my opinion, they are more than capable to be a Mentor.
Tela was one of the people that retought me. Kind amd courteous. Makes sense for it to be official
Tel is always an amazing and kind person. Make them purple

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