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[PR] Bleeding Revamp


About the PR
Removes the surprisingly convoluted bleed rolling system and replaces it with a more reliable system:
- Sharp Weapons use a 'Bleed Level' based upon:
- Sharpness (All CUT/STAB/CRUSH weapons get a base level of '1')
- Damage also increases the bleed level:
- 6 - 10 = +1,
- 11-29 = +2
- 30+ = +3
- On hit, sharp weapons will more reliably increase BLEED up to their 'Bleed Level'
- Critical hits *always* increase bleed, even above the weapons' Bleed Level. So being stabbed repeatedly, even with a regular knife, will eventually lead to heavy bleeds
As bleeds will be more reliable, I made a couple changes to bleed:
- Tier 4+ bleeds have a unique warning text, and can't be cured by natural regeneration. They explicitly require staunching/bandaging/cauterizing.
- A new intermediate, serious bleedout stage below 300 BLOOD
- Significantly lower bleeding/sec at debilitatingly low levels of blood (you have less blood to bleed)
- Anticoagulants/Coagulants now adjust bleed level, making you directly susceptible or resistant to bleed.

Why's this needed?
The math around BLEED is incredibly hard to describe, balance, and tends to result in the whole bleed mechanic being unreliable.
You can be naked, getting stabbed with a knife 20x and not bleed. You can take 1 shotshell to the chest and take 3 BLEED. Lying down stops you bleeding more etc. etc.

With this PR, weapons will reliably cause bleed roughly in line with their rarity. Weaker weapons can still cause heavy BLEED if you wail on someone with a knife until they're in crit.


(*)Sharp weapons cause bleeding more reliably.
(*)Heavy bleeding (Artery nicks) cannot be naturally regenerated, and require bandages/sutures/cauterization/staunching.
(*)As compensation, bleeding slows down as you lose blood. Coagulants (proconvertin) also limit incoming bleeds, like 'Bleed Armor'.

Oh I really love this idea. Should be sure surgery too is very sharp !
I like it I don't have much insightful to say but I really like it
on board with this for sure. this is basically how you would expect bleeding to work if you use a sharp weapon.
I am really liking this. It makes bleeds less spiky and more reliable where you expect them to be.
I like this a lot. I play with hemophilia, so having some jackass throw a plate at the bar and have a glass shard graze me can be debilitating, however, I'll be completely fine when somebody stabs me forty times.
I am for this.

Stabbing always felt like 1 or 2 stabs does enough bleeding, where as anything else is just "brute damage" at this point.

I am for this one. A good rework that makes stabbing more fun for everyone insted of 1-2 stabs is enough to cause major bleeding and anything after that might as well be done with a fire extuingisher.
Out of curiosity, what weapons are CRUSH?  Would that be like fists and stuff?  And if not, I feel like blunt weapons being able to cause very minor bleeding wouldn't be that big of a balance change and would make combat a bit bloodier.
Fuck yes, I'm all for this change.
I do have concerns that fights would get *too* bloody. You can already get some ridiculously sized pools from a relatively small level of blood, if EVERY fight has the chance to cause bleed the station's gonna be a lot messier. Plus, it'd make forensic evidence more obvious too.
bumping this, it's still testmerged and there's not much going on feedback wise. but it's also 2 pages back.

reposting what i posted in git as well, as for what i think are possibly weaker parts of the rework:
- rev heals, other heals need to handle bleeding
- low blood loss tiers probably do too much really disruptive stuff (blurred vision, slows), and not enough minor stuff (increase stamina loss?)
- because of an oversight in old blood healing logic, bleed heals are way weaker than they used to be. (make bleeds heal faster at lower levels?)
- some weapons do a lot of flat bleed. apparently some bullet lodgings have caused extra bleed (though this might be OK)
- generating 100 blood outside of an infusion and medicine might be too slow. perhaps it's worth letting the spleen work overtime or something?

if i get time i want to rework wound pressure to be a status effect that you can keep while you move, that instead lowers your amount you bleed by 50~66% while increasing your bleed clotting rate. that might come in a later PR though.
Only slightly related but I feel like doctors should be better at stopping bleeding without tools, might be cool
Am I correct in assuming that the "Artery nicks" that cause heavy bleeding will have a unique bleed HuD element or status effect or something so it's very obvious to a person when they're in "extreme bleed mode"?

Cause right now the only bleeding indicator is the one HuD element for bleeding and it doesn't have any granularity of showing how much bleed damage you're taking.
(07-08-2024, 10:06 AM)kyle2143 Wrote: it doesn't have any granularity of showing how much bleed damage you're taking.

[Image: aF5E4bU.png]

it does. these have been part of the hud for years
yea. it could probably do with a more obvious indicator medical intervention is required for the arterial bleeds, like a flashing medbay icon, but besides that the indicators are there

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