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Goonstation Hair Hacks
Feel free to add any hacks you have found, this can include just cute combos or how to make...mouse ears!

[Image: bee-queen.gif]
good slide present 10/10 score for your report
By chance, do you know how to make shark fins?
(05-14-2024, 11:19 PM)Cleaverwolf Wrote: By chance, do you know how to make shark fins?

I totally forgot to put those in. BUT i believe most sharks put tonsure as the fin then combo it with hair
Ah, I see. Thank you!
I have been trying to create the perfect creature over the past three years, here are but a few products of my alchemical research of the scientific field of cappilumancy.

Anatomically correct blobfish:
    eye color: skin color
    neckbeard: skin color
    dali: skin color
    eyeshadow: black (or just the eye color you want)
    notes: can remove the dali and replace it with facial hair and itll look fine, the dali is just there to remove the     two bottom pixels of the eyeshadow

    skin color: edafab
    eye color: edafab
    eyebrow: brown (or the eye color you want)
    eyeshadow: black (pig snout)
    bottom layer: custom
    notes: oink oink 

    eye color: skin color
    dali: skin color
    eyeshadow: black (or just the eye color you want)
    bottom layer: custom
    notes: you can use the tanning machine to make yourself green (by crowbarring the tanning bed when its     open and putting a darklight tube in it (you will also have to dye your eyes to the exact color of the new skin     color otherwise it looks silly))
    other notes:  DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA

    eye color: your choice
    top layer: custom (but grey colored balding fits good)
    middle layer: also custom
    eyeshadow: skin colored darkened a little

Ludwig von Beethoven:
    curly bob: grey (looks like a wig)
    eyebrows: black
    bottom: custom
    notes: wear a red scarf on your back slot and a cargo ordered black coat and a bartenders jumpsuit with           military boots with white gloves to complete the look
I dont have a picture or a way to take new one, but if you make an einstein+einstein alternating, turn it into a wig and go Reptile player, you can give your self frills
As someone who's awful at making good hairstyles, these are very helpful.
Thanks! holy dance
(05-14-2024, 11:25 PM)Cleaverwolf Wrote: Ah, I see. Thank you!

i was wrong it was temsik they use!! aaaa just realized while im trying to put it in the slides
Someone asked about Granny Parigoriá's "Eyes" which isn't really a hairhack but is fairly simple to post

[Image: 3zqlzl9.png]

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