Carton's Head of Security Application!
Usual character name: Andrew Pieter, Mesa Costache, 
BYOND username: Carton171
Discord username (if you are on our discord): .carton
Recommended by (if applicable): N/A
Goon servers you play: Goon 3 and 4

Reason for application: it's been a little over two years that I've been on goon, and just a little less that that (Not including a couple of breaks I've taken) that I've been playing security, pretty consistently! I've had a lot of fun, especially when I get to opportunity to lead security teams or teach new sec players. The same as my last application, this one is both because I feel I'm ready to step up and try being a HOS, and because I'm looking for more feedback, especially since I didn't get a significant amount of useful feedback on my last application.

Security experience (300 word minimum):

I originally started playing security in the early months of 2022, and my starting shifts were primarily on lowpop, because at the time I was intimated by the idea of doing security in the chaos of a highpop round. This actually ended up backfiring on me, as due to it being lowpop, I was frequently the only security on station, and I was only a secass, and a new one at that!

Those early shifts nearly scared me away from security, but the presence of quite a few lovely officers, (many of whom are now Heads of Security themselves) who trained me and showed me the ropes, kept me playing, and soon I became a full time security main! Over time I've gone from solely playing security to playing a variety of roles and characters, but security is still the role that has my heart.

Over the past two years I've had the opportunity to learn a lot of valuable skills that have let me improve from a security perspective: When to push hard, and when to take a more hands off approach. Deduction and reasoning, how to track down a suspect that's being extremely quiet with their activities, or that is trying to lie their way out of punishment. Especially important I've learned how to handle both minor and major crimes, and repeat offenders, a most importantly, when it is necessary to execute a suspect, and who it is necessary to get involved in that process, which is an important lesson I think a lot of security struggles with. I've been taught how to make decisions and allocate team resources, like coordinating who's going to respond to a call, to make sure you don't send the entire team after the staffie who strangled a monkey, while the traitor is currently breaking into the armoury. As well, I've gained a good understanding of the tools at securities disposal, (Even if I can't shake the feeling that I've forgotten something when I'm grabbing my stuff at the start of the round) and to extend that, my favourite part of the role: Teaching new secasses/secoffs how to use those tools, as well as teaching the many other parts of being a security officer. The last and most important thing I've had the chance to learn is how to draw fun and engaging roleplay from as many security interactions as possible, both major and minor. Whether that's fun RP interrogating a traitor, or just explaining the law to a staffie who doesn't understand it, or even just showing your presence, and checking in with departments to make sure they're doing well!

Security is an extremely fun role to play and teach, and I've enjoyed it so much over the past two years, and I believe I'm ready to do more!

Answer two or more of the following:

What advice would you give to other sec players?

In my last application I spoke about the importance of putting pressure on inactive antags WITHOUT hounding them, as doing so can ruin their rounds and actually discourage them from taking action. In this application I'd like to speak about something else, so this is my advice to other security players:

Learn how to die. No, I don't mean learn how to LET yourself die, though on occasion as security or not, (But not as HOS) it can be good to play into roleplay that might lead to your death. WHAT I mean is, learn how to handle it when try as you might, you can't do anything, and the antag wins. Learn how to take a step back from the game, take a breath, accept it, even if it was frustrating, and then move on. If the antag kills you, and you're frustrated, and you just want to yell at someone in discord or deadchat, get up, go get a glass of water, a snack, or something of the like, and then come back when you're feeling better, respawn with another character, or maybe even as a ghostdrone, (seriously, playing ghostdrone is an amazing way to calm down) and keep playing! I guarantee you, and the round, will be better for it.

Describe any differences in your playstyle when part of a full security team and when being the only security officer.

Naturally my playstyle varies quite a bit when I have a full team of backup versus when I'm the only security on station. For one thing when I'm solo, I'm a HELL of a lot more active. On a full security team I'm happy to let others handle certain matters, and rather than run to every single call, I'll sometimes wait in reserve for if the situation escalates, or if we have another call. As well when I'm dealing with something with a full team I'm much happier to invest my full focus into whatever it is, rather than trying to keep track of the entire round. I can always get clarification and information from the rest of the team after I'm done! On solo rounds though, sometimes I find myself having to drop a minor issue to run to a bigger one, or having to try manage two situations at once because they're both extremely important. Another thing that changes is my response to the use of force against myself and the crew. I'm far more strict when it comes to responding to violence, especially violence against myself or other critical personnel (the only doctor, the captain, etc.) on lowpop purely as a matter of necessity, as allowing those crew members to die can turn the round into a mess in record time.

Answer one or more of the following fun questions (because it's important for the HoS to be fun):

Write a poem to convey your thoughts on security/NanoTrasen/space/bees/anything related to SS13.

Playing a secoff.
All is calm, It's A-Okay.
Here comes the clown, I-URK.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): None, and I hope to keep it that way!
[To start with full disclosure: yes, Carton is a dear friend of mine outside of the game as well. But I would not support all of the people I consider friends for a whitelist, and my feedback is based on my interactions with him in the game itself, so I think they're worth sharing.]

I've been on shift with Carton as Andrew Pieter many, many times, and I've watched him demonstrate the skills I want to see in a Head of Security: fairness to crew/antags/fellow Sec, a sense of humor, a level head when things get stressful, and most importantly a willingness to either lead or step back when necessary.

To illustrate this: I was part of a round a few months ago where Carton played a detective, and despite attempting to engage the antag in good faith multiple times, he ended up getting ignored and then murdered without RP. He was frustrated, but ahelped and then waited out the respawn timer, observing the round. When he rejoined, he chose Captain in order to help stabilize the round, but was completely ignorant and talked to everyone to let them catch him up to speed, playing out all the discussions even though the round time was running out. It ended up turning the tone of the round around, because instead of acting on his own justified frustration, he let the admins handle that and only stepped in to connect with others and bring the narrative to a satisfying conclusion. 

When I talk about emotional robustness, decisiveness, and willingness to lead without being the "main character" of the round, this is the kind of thing I mean. I think he'd be a great Head of Security, and I wish him the best of luck with his application.
After having given a closer look at how Carton plays I think it is clear enough to me that he possesses the qualifications to handily handle being a HoS/ntsc. I’ve seen him stay composed in a large variety of situations and assist with coordinating teams without becoming overbearing in how he went about it. Additionally, he knows when to pull back from “getting things done” to create opportunities for fun situations to happen. To me these show a good understanding of the skillset that is looked for in most applicants. Needless to say, +1.
Carton is an extremely capable officer, whose emotional fortitude in stressful rounds routinely impresses me. When something is in dire need of being done, you can rest assured that Carton will handle it, and handle it well. He has a fantastic grasp on how to handle antags fairly, as well as his team during times of paralysis and confusion. He has a great sense of when to step up or down, while always being a core part of the team. Carton has my full confidence in being a stellar head of security.

Huge +1 from me.
I believe Carton has all the strengths I'd like to see. I've not go to personally experience him communicating as much as I'd like but like, thats because i usually only see him on sec on chaotic high pop, and while I've not got to work with him on lower pop as much I have never seen any behavior i would ever perceive as needing work

Carton is calm and collected. No complaint. My recommendation.
Personally, I believe that Carton is not only capable of stepping into the boots, but filling them well. Every time we run into each other, which sadly does not happen too terribly often due to my conflicting sleep schedule, they've been nothing but level headed, friendly, and quite the addition to the department. They always seem more than happy to take time out to assist someone if it's needed, and quite capable as an officer. Unfortunately, I have not been able to really see any teaching from them due to my conflicting schedule, but from what I've seen out of them otherwise, I would not be surprised in the slightest whatsoever if they prove to be quite apt at it. It's just not something I can confirm myself.

In short, I would love to see Carton donning the hat, or beret!

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