Kregle's Mentor Application (Round 2!)
Usual character name: Gregory Roachenson
BYOND username: Kregle
Discord username (if you are on our discord): kregler0318
Recommended by (if applicable):
Goon servers you play: Goon3 exclusively so far!

Reason for application:
I don't think it'd be too crazy for me to say that this community is absolutely amazing. From when I started playing a couple years ago to the present day, I've seen nothing but kindness, ingenuity, and an undeniable willingness to support each other through the exchange of information and engagement in freaky lil roleplay gimmicks.
I'd like to say that I've done my best to keep up with the tradition of helping out folks who need a hand, whether they be new or old to the game, answering questions in game, the discord, and as of recently contributing to the wiki. Being allowed to take on the privilege and responsibility of being a mentor would allow me to be available for those who I otherwise might not have known needed help! Additionally, I'm an Aussie fella, playing in an Aussie time zone, and have found in the past when I needed to ask a question in mentorhelp, there hasn't been someone online to answer on many occasions, so I'd like to remedy that by offerin' myself up for tribute! 


Civilian: It's certainly been a while since I've played in the civilian department since I started maining security and engineering, however I can still say I'm fairly confident across the board for the department! Janitorial was actually the first role I played the game in, and I think is a great job for newbees to learn the basic mechanics and controls of the game. Botany is another great one! Finding the best splice for nettles to create an effective AoE medical plant (or weapon of war) and messing with the poor plants through tray chemistry they produce harvest at a rate no plant was meant to. Chef is a great job too, even though I haven't played it too much, baking cakes, danishes, scones, etc. is absolutely simple, and something that I'd feel more than comfortable guiding another in. Bartender was a great introduction to chemistry for me personally, considering the combinations are far simpler and results far less explosive!

Engineering: Engineering is probably the department I'm the most confident in! I can say that I'm able to set up a chamber-burn TEG without it exploding, a bigulo Singularity without it going loose, stacked Geothermal Generators without drowning, a Catalytic Generator without it doing nothing, and a Nuclear Generator without the sucker going critical! I'm fairly confident with the basics of MechComp, being able to set up a teleporter array and singulo feeder pretty effectively, I'd like to say, so I feel that I could give anyone asking a good start! Repairing hull breaches and atmospheres I can show someone without a doubt! Mining is unbelievably simple and I love it, I can and have taught folks how to use the magnet, the quantum telescope, recognise dangerous ores using visuals/the scanner, scan miraclium for its properties, repair the magnet, create custom tools/armor, set up the outpost, deal with nanite asteroids, etc. etc.

Medical: Medical is a great department if ya feel like pulling ya hair out watching the crew literally fall apart! Surgery, the basics of treating patients, recognizing the correct treatments to more critical issues, setting up cryo for puricloning, using the cloning scanner and synthesizing medication are all essential skills for ya run of the mill Medical Doctor/Director, and I can pretty confidently say that I can teach others those skills. Assembling borgs/AI shells and doing prosthetics as a roboticist is something I'm also quite familiar, though I can't say I've been in robotics in a good while! The same with genetics, splicing, mutating, empowering, etc. genes to turn yourself and the rest of the station into horrific abominations!

Science: Science is probably my third most played department after Security and Engineering, and for good reason! The chemistry lab is a fairly simple learn, following the recipes given by the wiki (and those few secret chems I have written down somewhere), learning how to do so without flooding the lab with saxitoxin or scorching the place is less simple, though I can say I'd be able to teach folks. Telesci is my bread and butter with science, having grinded through Solarium and other telesci adventurers gave me a pretty clear idea on the maths of variables, using the portasci, and recently cheating and getting all of the coords from the observatory.

Security: Security is - at the moment - the role I probably play the most, and - from what I've found - the most compicated. Keeping contact with you fellow secoff/secass crew over the radio, using the minimum amount of force, knowing how long in the brig is acceptable for the crime, recognizing antagonists and crimers, using the forensic scanner, knowing when to let antags go, and of course leaving your disk/pinpointer in secmain are all important things for security crew to know, and while I certainly have a lot more to learn, I believe I have a good enough grasp to teach others. Recently, I have mentored a couple first time security assistants/officers, teaching them how to use the ticketmaster, secmate, loadout vendor, and the general behaviors expected for an officer.

Silicon: The silicon "department" is a surprisingly fairly player friendly role. Learning how to follow your laws and telling the difference between valid/invalid laws are perhaps the most important things for borgs/AI to know, as well as selecting your equiptment from your module, customizing your frame/shell, tracking crew, setting up viewports, interacting with airlocks, etc etc. All of these skills I'm confident I could teach any new silicon player!

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): None!
I've good interactions with Kregle both in-game and in the discord. They also taught me Oshan engineering while somehow simultaneously learning it themselves... which is rather impressive in my book. It took a pretty impressive amount of patience to do considering the station was screaming at us for power.

Anyhow, stamp of approval from me. +1 Sleeping bee

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