Aya Bell's HOS Application
Usual character name: Aya Bell
BYOND username: Azurnite
Discord username (if you are on our discord): Azurgeist
Recommended by (if applicable): Avanth
Goon servers you play: mostly Goon 3 Morty , rarely Goon 4

Reason for application:

Head of Security to me is a role that many look up to in one way or another. Either to aspire to their status or to look to them for guidance and advice. I often find myself providing advice and guidance to new and experienced security members. I feel that members of security often enjoy increased engagement when someone is delegating tasks out to the team. This way everyone gets to participate and do something. As a HOS, I would be more a voice of reason to fellow security members. Lastly, I like to step up and lead when I see a team needs it, even if it is just to refocus the team and unite them on a common goal.

Security experience (300 word minimum):

My time with SS13 all began on Tomato’s Nightshade. Back then I only did science, janitor, and mechanic. It was about a year and a half later I had an itch for more SS13 and Goonstation was my go-to since I already was semi-familiar with it. During my first couple of months I was shy and didn’t get involved much in anything other than small RP interactions. After wanting to get involved more, I decided to give security a try. After mentioning to the team I was new, everyone stopped what they were doing and stared at me. The silence made me anxious until they overwhelmed me with welcomes and overall were very inclusive. This set the tone of many of my early security shifts and honestly left a good impression on me.

My time as an assistant taught me the procedures of running the desk, computers, and processing lesser crimes. After many assistant rounds, I decided to try officer and I had none other than Paladin go over the gear. I was also given a rather memorable pep-talk about the responsibilities of the role. That first security officer round was a trial by fire as it was one of the first RP gang rounds, and a very chaotic one at that. I genuinely felt bad I couldn’t contribute more to that round, but Paladin consoled me and said surviving alone was commendable and that learning security’s procedures are quick, but the intricacies of combat and subduing criminals takes time to learn. I’ve grown a lot more skilled and capable since that day.

The way I handle antags heavily follows the current situation of the round and what they have done thus far. I feel I have come a long way to learn this balancing act to help keep a round interesting for both the antag and the rest of security. I do not mind giving antags a second chance if they haven’t done much harm and still have a gimmick to play out. Sometimes when I notice someone is either having a hard time figuring out how to escalate as an antag, I will subtly help with escalation. [Cuz I get that a lot of people are anxious about whether they escalated properly as an antag].

The last thing I want to mention is what I do nowadays as security. Currently I will man the front desk and work on the computer as either an officer or assistant. Though I sometimes am quiet, I am attentively monitoring comms and sometimes taking notes.  When communicating, I will often make comments and jests while things are calm or slow, but when things get busy I will only send pertinent information over comms to not clutter it. If a bit of organizing the team is needed, I will actively ask certain members to take the lead on a case or head to where we are needed. When things are not super hectic, I will go on patrol and check in on other departments. I like to be a security member that people don’t feel intimidated to approach. I do like to train new assistants and officers when I can get the chance.

Answer two or more of the following:

What advice would you give to other sec players?
  • First, communication. It’s the obvious golden advice to give. Almost every experienced officer will mention the importance of communication. Letting others know what has happened, who the team is looking for, and WHY we are looking for them is huge for the team. Many have stated this is important through radio or PDA, but I will mention another method just as important: secHUD flag! The secmate profile has the ability to add a 10 character message of why they are wanted.
  • Second, remember that this is a game at the end of the day. We are all here to have fun ultimately. It is best not to treat every round of security as a win or loss. We all have a bad round where we mess up and the antags get away or “I don’t feel like I contributed at all!” That is perfectly okay. Never take a bad round to heart. And don’t ever feel bad if you need a break from security or SS13 entirely.
  • Third and final piece of advice I will impart is by far the most important, yet most subtle and difficult one to do. That is to be sensible. This is best explained through examples. One example is judging if an interrogation is needed or just straight to brigging is fine. Another example is letting others have a chance to respond to emergency calls! I know some want to be part of the action but do remember that others want to also be engaged. The importance of sensibility is centered around not only yourself having fun, but also your fellow security members, and antags. Security is as important as the antag to set the flow of the round!

What was one of your favorite security moments? (Either playing as a sec officer or interacting with one)
  • During my third or fourth security round ever, the two officers and one other assistant we had gotten killed, one by one by an emagged cyborg. Aya was a terrified and helpless assistant, and eventually getting cornered by the cyborg. My instinctual response was to have Aya breakdown and start crying, begging for her life… as well as screaming for either officer to come save her even though she knew they were dead. That cyborg ended up feeling horrible and spared her. I just remember having her hide behind the officers every time that particular cyborg was near her for the rest of that round.

Answer one or more of the following fun questions (because it's important for the HoS to be fun):

What's a security gimmick that you've ran or wanted to run?
  • Pod squadron training! I am a pod enjoyer and Aya is a pod pilot so of course she’d want to teach fellow officers how to use teamwork in podfighting.
  • Training Day! Is it a slow day for security? Well, grab a partner and simulate training them as if they were new!

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will):

I have not received a ban, but I have gotten a couple of warnings that I have learned from.
+1 for Aya!

I've always seen her as a competent team member who can be depended on, and the interactions I've had and seen have always been a joy!
I've shared many rounds with Aya, and I'm honestly surprised that Azurnite isn't an HoS yet. Aya consistently demonstrates the ability to coordinate security, remain level-headed in times of crisis, and be a capable pair of hands to leave a case in. Aya has my full confidence in being a great HoS

+1 from me.
Aya's trained plenty of assistants with me and has been an absolute pleasure to work security with. She's consistently friendly and informative and is an asset to the team in many ways. I have zero complaints. She has my absolute support for the beret. +1
Aya is a very competent security member, often dedicating large portions of rounds to training recruits and is very kind and respectful. They are active on comms and make sure antags have room to breathe and interact well and fairly with them. I believe Aya would make a good Head of Security.

+1 from me.
Echoing the sentiment, I think Aya is competent, communicative and friendly. What's more, they're also very open to gimmicks without neglecting their duties as an officer. I haven't seen them teach or take charge, but I doubt that these aren't skills they're capable of.
When Aya gets out of the desk you know shit got serious. I really admire the way they work in security, often trying to make sure no security requests are overly responded by the entire security mass, and many times making sure others can have action while you stay back and do the desk work/keep the team up to date, ready to responde/backup if needed. They are very kind with the team and the rest of the crew, and i believe they have a pretty good notion on how to answer to the different scenarios that we are presented on space. +1
Azurnite is a great officer, I am sure they will be a great HoS as well.
In all the games i played with Aya as a Secoff, they always were a great and helpful team member! Pod Fighting Training is such a good idea, i need one for sure
Aya's a fair and level headed, well communicated sec player. Azurnite does a fantastic job at sec, I'd love to see em in the stompy shoes. +1
long time ago i have play with aya before as a ling who eat aya in sec assistant seem like aya very active on radio so +1
I can happily recommend Aya, great communication, dedication to roleplay and allow antags to have their fun, willing to train and mentor. Everything good you could ask for from someone in Sec. All around fantastic player and Secoffmain. +1
My recommendation probably speaks a great deal about how I feel when it comes to Azurnite donning the hat, but..! I still have a few things I would like to say when it comes to them. We run into each other on shift quite often, which has left me noticing a few things in general. First.. communication. Highly communicative in general inside, and outside of the department and they manage to be that way without drowning out others over communication frequencies at the same time. Highly appreciated and they also have a tendency to happily keep others up to date on both current, and prior situations. Secondly, training. They're probably the one person I see training either new players to the department the most, or people who haven't been around for quite some time and are looking for a refresher on things. The best part about it? Azurnite always seems to be incredibly happy to do so. Lastly, leadership. When the need arises in situations involving the lack of a head of security, or a captain.. I've seen them take the leap to take charge and guide things as necessary as best as they can, more than once. All in all.. Yeah, deserving of the hat from my experience.
Knows when to step in when nobody is organized. Pleasant. Never seen meta from them

No complaints.
Aya has proven themselves incredibly capable time and time again not only in a security setting but command as well.

I think they'd be an absolute asset as HoS.

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