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2024-04-24, 6:33pm AEST (GMT +10)

To start with, I was conflicted about whether to post this at all, and whether Feedback or Complaint was more appropriate since it's a bit of both. I waited until my ban was finished to decide because I didn't want to give the impression that I was upset about the ban. 

I played a round on Goon1 late afternoon as a vampire, and left after I had killed captain and AI because I had real-life responsibilities to attend to at the time. Took a day off, and came back to a week-long ban. The ban reason was "Guess what happens when you kill the only players that can call the shuttle and then log off? That's right. It's this. Don't shit up the server unnecessarily in the future please, thanks." As you can probably guess, I was quite surprised at this. Just to be clear, I have posted a ban appeal right after seeing this, and I think it'd be the easiest to just copy-paste my description of events from there.

What led to the ban?:  I spawned in as a vampire on a lowpop round. I was very clear with the fact that I was a vampire, and I notified every player on the server that I wanted a chill, relaxing round since it was lowpop.

5 minutes into the shift, captain arrests me for hacking a single door open. I have committed no other crimes (game-wise) up to this point, and not only did he decide to arrest me, he decides to glass table-slam me. I asked him "was that really necessary?" to which he replied "no, but I enjoyed doing it".

At this point, I had real-life things to do. I once again told the players that I had "chores" to run, and that the only thing I want to do at this point is to kill the captain. I believe he went out of his way to be an asshole, and I think I'm quite justified in this. Nonetheless, I was an antagonist so I was in the right to kill him, but I wanted to leave an explanation anyway.

In the middle of killing him, AI starts bolting down the doors, and comes with a shell at which point he starts hitting me. I did not fight back for a good minute, and I told AI "let me kill captain, or I will kill you". Following this, AI continued to bolt down doors, and sent two more shells to hit me with its multitool.

I had enough at this point, and went into the upload chamber, uploading a law that states "Kill yourself immediately. This overrides all other laws." I was pretty done at this point. Captain got away during all of this.

Following this, I killed captain after he decided to chase me down, again. I let him know that I thought what he did was an asshole move, and that I hope he is nicer in the future. With my stated goal completed, I logged off to do my chores. Just to be clear. Captain was killed in our THIRD engagement, of which two times I let him go and made no effort to chase him down.

I didn't space a single item. I killed no other players aside from captain. I left every single item I looted off captain to the players I sucked blood from (I didn't kill them, and I felt bad for sucking their blood!).

Please let me know if there's anything further you want to know from the round. Unfortunately I didn't have ShadowPlay on but if I did I'd be comfortable sending you the whole round's recording.

I understand that it wasn't exactly possible to talk to me since I had logged off, and that was probably why I was directly hit with a ban, but there's a few issues I wanted to address in this feedback.

  1. What was the ban for?
    I was hoping to get a better understanding of which rule I broke in my ban appeal, which was unanswered. I understand that everyone has other commitments to attend to, but I feel like I would have appreciated some feedback, even if brief. The ban reason was passive-aggressive at worst, and standoff-ish at best. I don't expect people getting banned to get an essay addressed to them but some clarification would've been nice. Antagonists are also exempt from grief, so I don't even know which exact rule I broke. 

  2. What alternative actions did CaptainBravo want from me? 
    I was playing an antagonist during the round. I did not interfere with shuttle-call at all, aside from killing two players with plenty of escalation and warning. If the issue is *not* calling the shuttle, I want to clarify that when I logged-off, the round had been going for less than 30 minutes. CaptainBravo had specifically banned people for calling the shuttle that early, and I personally wouldn't have called the shuttle so early even if I had the ability to (I didn't have a head ID anyway).

  3. What defines "shitting-up the server"? 
    This is more of a general gripe. I found this attitude very concerning. If admins find it justified to hand out week-bans for killing two people, where is the line drawn? Why is it "shitting up the server" just to let the crew wait for a 90-minute auto-call? I would absolutely understand the rationale for the ban if, say, I built an auto-recaller, but as it stands, 90-minute shifts are not uncommon on lowpop rounds to begin with. I would also argue that it's more irresponsible to force an early call for the majority of players who are still alive. Additionally, are antagonists not allowed to log out mid-round, since that would "ruin the round"?

I think that's all the issues I had with this encounter, and to re-clarify, I'm not upset. This series of events has really soured my impression of the server. I think the game is great, so is the community. I hope the admin team can address some of these issues and provide some feedback and answers.

Logs: I've posted my version of events above, in the spoilers. Please give it a read.
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