Feedback Banned on 3 by leahthetech 12 AM(ish) PST
Admin: Leahthetech

Server: 3
Date + time: 5/2/24 Somewhere around 12 AM PST

as of the writing of this post, I still have 8 hours to go on this temporary ban (that I deserved)

I was banned for a reason the attached ban notice probably describes better than I can and just wanted to provide one piece of feedback! as I do believe that in the end, I WAS in the wrong for murdering the clown. the only piece of feedback I could give for this ban is I would have liked to be notified I was being banned before the round end when I disconnected instead of finding out hours later when I tried to hop on the server today!
Extra information: if you have any questions about what happened between the clown and I leading up to me brutally murdering them feel free to ask them!
(I was also not a security officer I was going for a vigilante thing)  sad greater domestic space-bee

[Image: image.png?ex=6636c1ac&is=6635702c&hm=94e...height=415]
Okay, yep a couple of things here: I would usually have talked to you before banning but unfortunately you'd logged out by the time I reviewed the ahelp so I went for a short ban instead because I felt it was warranted regardless. I also missed that you weren't a security officer while reading the logs, but that arguably doesn't make it better since being a machete vigilante is explicitly against the rules on the RP servers (see RP rule 3 "stay in your lane" and general rule 1 "don't grief").
okay, it will not happen again! I also did not intend to better the situation by mentioning the whole not being security thing it was just me ensuring you had the full picture! a greater domestic space-bee that's gunna cause some trouble

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