Rufus Mcdunfish? Foolish Mcdumbass (Mentor App)
Usual character name: Rufus Mcdunfish
BYOND username: FlyzerMizer
Discord username (if you are on our discord): FlyzerMizer
Recommended by (if applicable): N/A
Goon servers you play: classic/goon1

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum):
Well, I figured I should take another spin at this, so here I go. I’ve been playing this game for close to 3 years now. It’s been a wild ride, and I figured it’s about time I actually tried to give back to the community through mentor, since I can only inform so many people on the discord and in the game. I love this community, it has been so fun interacting with many of the players, from discussing ideas, creating gimmicks, joking together, or even arguing about game mechanics.

My experience has been quite varied, and I have learned and became proficient in many different roles. I started out as a mere clown, slipping people and stealing their shoes. It was simple but forced me to get familiar with the controls of this game. I no longer play clown, but I still feel the distant muscle memory of back then, slip, steal shoe, repeat. I later moved on to different endeavors. I started to play sec more, learning how to process criminals, how to fairly punish criminals, the various mechanics of sec and also their role in the station. I still frequently play sec, and often try to challenge myself by placing restrictions on myself; naked secoff, only a baton secoff, baton pie secoff, and others I hope to do soon. During that time I would also play a lot of medical doctor, from that I possibly learned the most about the game, I learn chems from playing MD, as well as a bunch about the health system, surgery, how to heal people with limited supply, and many more. From that, I transitioned to my current main role, chaplain. From chaplain, I have learned a lot despite it being a fairly simple role, I basically treated it like it was a holy staffie. Chaplain basically taught me what secoff taught me to a greater degree, I learned much more about certain antags, I learn many different mechanics from trying to gimmick, I further learned a lot about the health system. Chaplain is probably my favorite role and the one I’ve played the most. Recently I’ve been trying to learn more about mechcomps, building death traps, and other simple machinery. I hope to further expand my knowledge of mechcomps and eventually learn how to use the engine and about the atmos system in general. From my time on the game I've learned a lot about it, from mechomp, artlab, repairing the station, became proficient in various antags, chemistry, security, how to do command and captain, medical, cargo, mining, and many other more niche mechanics.
I just decided to throw this out there, since it couldn’t hurt to try once more and see if you all think I got what it takes to become a mentor. I hope you’ll give me a chance!

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): N/A
I've run into/seen Rufus in a lot of rounds in the past month, and been really impressed with the effort he puts in to doing new things all the time. Like he said, he's been working on learning how to build new mechcomp stuff, and whenever I see him on as chaplain and go to take a look he's always been willing to give a demonstration or explain what he's up to and how he hopes it will work. I've learned a lot from him! He's also taught me a decent amount about antagging, and was really patient when we were both antag in a round recently and when I made it clear I didn't understand things he explained them to me. Super active in the discord from what I've seen, never had a negative experience with him that I can remember. Definitely a +1 from me!
You're very active in the discord, and I cannot speak for how you are in game but there's been a few conversations with you I've walked away from feeling confused, and I haven't really seen you answer any questions in the questions channel in the discord, either. I don't know if I would've stuck with the game given how on occassion I once saw you mention the classic discord chat and told people to go to general because people have 'proper' conversations. Not direct wording. Someone to me would have to be consistently kind in the discord and fairly active when it comes to questions for recommending them to mentor.
Since my original comment, I've seen more of Rufus in the discord and am not entirely sure I'd still +1 him for mentor at this time. Post-round salt and callouts, and general uncomfortable negativity/temper about game things that I'm not sure I'd like to see being taught to newer players. I still think he knows a lot about the game and he has taught me a lot about mechcomp and associated aspects, but I just personally don't think mentors should be doing either of those things I listed above and with what 444 said I thought it was worth posting a second comment.
Very active in discord/in game +1
Quite the experienced player, knows their way around station and nothing that I can see that'd make me object to this. +1

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