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SecHUD Flag Character Limit
Hello everyone,

One of the features I have been using more and more in security's secmate is the secHUD flag, but often I find the 10 character limit to be just short of what I need. What kind of thoughts are there on increasing the limit to 16 or 20 characters? 

Let me know what you all think.

If this is at all possible I'd love this a lot. I typically use them for recording gang members, but even most of the gang names are too long for the feature.
Dunno, I am agreeing with this. but at the same time you can just abbreviate the flags. Just put "vamp" "ling" "arc" to tag people or for gang, you can just pick the easiest word from their name to label them. I haven't see any need of longer character limit, not to mention people rarely use the flagging. Abbreviation is also easier to read and type rather than the whole name of antag/gang names.
Yeah I'd be down with a 10/15 character limit

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