mintyphresh Triage app
Github username: MintyPhresh
BYOND username: Mintyphresh
Discord username: mintyphresh

Recommended by: Tyrant definitely, ZeWaka I think???
If accepted, do you agree to the Triage Guidelines?: Yes

I was told by a Triage member that "..if you're going to pr like more than twice you should get triage" and then ZeWaka said "yes" and put an image of a bingous creature staring at the camera. I have made 31 merged PRs but never really considered becoming a Triageur since, well, I'm still very much a novice coder. Triage powers could really help for those times I fuck up on Github and need to remove the 3 erroneous tags and 9 auto-requested reviews that my error has wrought.

What else do I put here?? No idea. Here's PSY doing the Gangnam Style.
[Image: psy-gangnam-style-1.jpg?width=1200]

I have also done the triage app through the goonhub link, which I did not know was a thing until a friend and hero informed me. oops...
wh-- what
I mean yes i do support this app go minty
but was i supposed to make a triage team app myself back then
is this a thing
am i losing it
I'm pretty sure to apply for Triage you just need to fill out this form and sign into Discord alongside it.

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