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Add a backdoor to every listening post and the fanny pack
Currently, there are maps that the listening post does not have the syndicate fanny pack, such item would help a lot if you're planning to run a gimmick you might not want a backpack, and just for overall better inventory management, the fanny pack also makes the agent card a much better item, and without it, lowers its value as an item. Also, a back door for all listening posts, like how atlas listening post has two entrances, could be extremely useful in case security is chasing you, or someone is camping the post to attack you, or you're running a gimmick using the post as your evil syndicate base, and might want to do an emergency escape or something, so having a backdoor as the default for every map would be nice.
I don't have any feelings about the fanny pack idea either way, but I support the idea of a second entrance being more standard if someone was willing to go and map it out.  Having more flexibility with the listening post is nice, I love when it gets used for gimmicks like that.
I prefer to have announcements computer or teleported than this
why would security not just remember to also cover the back door
I added one but also you could set up a command teleporter or bring a hand tele with you if you want a second way out because you are using it as your evil base blatantly
Hold up. Have people been camping the listening post? Thats against the rules. Same as camping the wizard shuttle or harming arrivals.
It'd definitely help with inventory management and could make running gimmicks smoother, especially if you're looking to avoid using a backpack. Having a backdoor on all listening posts could be a game-changer too, giving more escape options when things get hairy.
These changes are unnessarcy and the fix for this isn't "add more entrances"

As for the fanny pack? That can be added to each map yes. But that means 1st come 1st serve for traitors and agent cards.
And agent cards are dirt cheap.... All this does is make you rush the agent card and listening post before traitor #2 takes it.

I'd say remove it from pick up and put it in the syndicate store. Making credits farm more valuable in the process or put it in the fabricators there.

The only change to the listening post I'd say you need is a teleporter that teleports you to the station at best. No backdoors and such.
Having a single person teleporter with cooldown allows you to teleport onto the station and do mischief right away from the listening post or get away from security.

If someone is camping the listening post on the other hand.. Ahelp. If someone is off station at "Clearly antagonist areas" that is against the rules. We do not need instakill options on every antagonist base :/
the fanny pack was already moved to the syndicate clothing vendor & CARL sells restocks, rendering that point moot. if you need an escape from the listening post, you should have already stolen one (hand teleporter, port-a-sci, etc.) imho.
A backdoor isn't needed, if people are camping the entrance please ahelp them. Also I seem to recall there was a PR that's adding a Syndicate vendor to the listening post, might as well just toss fanny packs in there.

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