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Log Inspector Reports On Website (like tickets are!)
I joined the forums solely to suggest this here. 

You know how there's a latejoin Inspector role? And how if the inspector puts paper in their clipboard and writes on it, that paper shows up as the inspector's report once the game is over?

I was chatting in the discord about what a shame it is that all these hilarious and creative Inspector Reports with scorecards and little stories that evolved over a round aren't saved on the goonhub website... yet

They're easy to miss or to not have time to read through during the post round timer, and once they're gone they're gone. If you don't screenshot them or copy paste (which removes formatting) they're just... lost the moment that sub-window closes.

Given tickets are currently logged to the website, having inspector reports (up to a size limit maybe) be saved post-round would be wonderful.

Jones the cat
I remember this round, and it was pretty hilarious. saw the screenshot you had sent after, and a bit of the discussion that followed. I'd be on board with a feature like that, would be fun to see all of the ridiculous notes that inspectors take, it's definitely fun reading the tickets.
Definitely a fun thing to add, the tickets are already nice to go back and read, being able to read past reports would also definitely be a funny thing to do.
I have no idea how possible this is via the API / backend stuff, but given most of the things on the round-end report are already on the hub, I'd be surprised if this wasn't already next on the list. I rarely get a chance to read the reports, but this would enable me to read them later on!

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