Feedback Just wanted to appologize
So long story short i was eating some good while sitting at my computer and meanwhile i was being very erratic ingame just for fun since i usually do something not always that intense like playing a medic cyborg or just running around as an assistant to see what happens and i got arrested for trying to fight a medic who wanted to revive me. I was not being very cooperative with security either because if i'm going to be erratic and wild this round or life might as well take it all the way.

Anyway i called him a "gook" and i swear to god what that word means is not what i was trying to say, I had to google it because i got confused myself. I meant to say crook because i was accusing him of being a corrupt cop.

I'm not making this post as any kind of appeal i just feel bad with people thinking i meant to call that person something racist so i wanted to apologize for it and stress that i did not intend to use that word or cause any irl discomfort/offense.

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