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Good day and hellosmile
Okay so I was banned, hmm fair enough. I not going to argue with the literal developers of the game but I would like an explanation of what I did wrong. Its not a long ban just those 1 day things but still I need to know for future reference. Ok so when I got banned you said you didnt like that I was speaking about changelings on the main station radio and that I was breaking RP. I beg to differ. I did see a vampire who was attacked By a changling. The only thing I did after that was to make sure that the whole station knew that there was a changling on the loose.
Look I'm new to the game I admit but I don't think and I DID NOT realize that I was being a bother to others. I mean sure it was annoying but I know that the clown has done worse things on certain rounds. Check your records on the times I got PM'ed by an admin. Twice actually. The most recent time was when I set off a bomb in SEC. Sure that was bad but hey an Admin took the time to message me and say STOP THAT. Well I listened and did. Ask them if I have ever been rude. Look my point is I think it is rather rude to just Ban someone without talking to them first. Yes there are rules but hey you and I know we all humans and we make mistakes so I cannot see how you can justify not sending a message to me first to stop. I mean its not that hard. You probably are busy considering the nature of your job but still its still a job. Giving me a day ban over something that could have been resolved with a message seems a bit heavy handed. I even told the RD of the round that I was just bored and lonely at the station and needed some drama. I'm pretty sure that I stopped when the RD talked to me and we started cataloguing artifacts just around when I got the ban. My point is you banned me and thats cool I mean it is your game and I'm just a player but you have to realize that its a game built on DIALOGUE. In the same way Sec wouldn't just beat up a person without talking to them why dont you try dialogue first rather than just banning me out of nowhere. You know it has worked before so there is no reason to doubt it won't work again because you see I know you make mistakes and I know you want to be talked to first before anything so why not Do to other as you would want to be treated as well. Anyways hope there's no bad feelings between us, I just want to be messaged first before you ban me.
Going on Goon1 in the meantime 
We have no obligation to give warnings or 'talking-to's, and your overall behaviour in that round was a much better fit for classic than RP, so I kicked you over there for the day.
ok cool, by the way can you help me to delete my account on the forum. I made it just to know where you stand on the issue so I would like to delete it now but I am having difficulties. Any aid is appreciated

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