Feedback Feedback regarding my Ban Appeal process
Dear Goonstation Administration,

Even though i have read the disclaimers regarding response time to posted ban appeals on this forum i am still a bit shocked.
Regardless of my disappointment, this is in no way meant to be a complaint as stated by theĀ "feedback" tag.

I have posted a Game Ban Appeal on the 15. of february, and have since never gotten any response or even confirmation it has been viewed by anyone.
Though i understand that sometimes time is an issue and you all do this for free, it has been almost two whole months and
i think i have been patient enough with waiting.

I really hope you can deal with this issue, and
as already said this is not a complaint against anyone i just want to make everyone aware of this.

Thank you for your time.
All I can say is that sometimes appeals get lost in the sheer amount that we get. If you don't get a response, you should bump your thread. This was my ban, and I apologise it took so long for someone to look at it. I allow other admins to handle my bans because I have intermittent availability, but that nobody did doesn't really matter in the context of an excuse from my end, your thread just got buried among the slew of others that we get.

For anyone waiting on a ban appeal that has not gotten a response, you will not get in trouble for bumping your thread, sometimes things just get lost.

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