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Hand Fans!
Something that I was made aware of was that there are no hand fans! Not just any kind but ones preferably that could perhaps fold and unfold.

It's something to add for a little more fashion options and themes. But why not also give it a utility like being able to hide your identity like a newspaper? Could be done by unfolding the fan then clicking on yourself while in the active hand. I'm not sure how possible this could be but also the ability to fan yourself to cool down. 

The latter ideas are just for fun, potentially give some more RP interactions. As for where they could be obtained: cargo could purchase them or be added to the clothing booth under masquerade section.

If anyone has any additional ideas, comments, critiques, etc. feel free to comment.
Perfect for the Obon Festival Crate.. though they may look a little awkward covering our faces when our hands are stapled to our sides. IMO, better off to just fan yourself down

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