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[CLOSED PR] Allows 3 Security Officers to revoke Armory access
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( Theres no A tag for Security 👎 and I was unsure which tag was right, thanks 444 )
About the PR
Applies Armory authorization rules to revoking authorization by allowing 3 people with security equipment access to unauthorize.

Why's this needed?
Security can gain access, but not lock it back up when they are done with it unless the HoS or Captain does it, they should be able to lock it themselves considering they can unlock it


(*) 3 Security Officers can now deauthorize Armory.

I see no reason why this isn't a feature.
3 Open it, 3 Close it.

In an emergency where the captain is missing or the HoS is not there and they opened it.. but now needs to be closed why not?
Sounds like a good feature, I wonder why it wasn't always a thing. Very reasonable change
A now third way is good by me
Seems logical to me.
Honestly, I kind of like that opening the armory leads to a risk for the rest of the round as it serves as a discouragement to open it
I don't get the reasoning this was closed? This was a use case for closing it if A) it was authed by an antag and we need to closed and B) sometimes the emergency that the armory is opened for ends, even if it is last resort. Maybe a compromise could be that there is a timer before the armory could be de-authed by secoffs?
This one is great I have see many round people use it
Wait why was this closed? It was a good idea.
Its a nice way to fix someone authing the armory that's not sec that isn't just walling off the armory.
From my understanding, it is to prevent security officers from authorizing the armory, grabbing stuff, then unauthorizing it so that they can just use it like a gear locker. This behavior was seen among captains during the recent authorization disk testmerge so there is a reason to believe it may happen. It was additionally seen as preferable that authorizing the armory be a last ditch decision with lasting impact and consequences rather than something easily undone.
Well I would hope security officers weren't using the armory that way because I'm pretty sure that's already something they should be getting adminhelped about when and if it happened.

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