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More for AI
When playing AI, inspecting someone should give you buttons for their security and medical records in a similar way as the "Send PDA message" does. Of course, only for those with a PDA on them. It would make it much easier for an AI to do these things quicker, because when you think about it, that's kinda the point of an AI. Instead of a person going somewhere to do it, AI can do it in record time.

For example, AI finds a dead body, reports it and can instantly notify medical that they might be puritan.
Someone is doing something suspicious, you can check if they already have a criminal record (although I sometimes let people do stuff so rounds get interesting, don't like being too preventive)

Sometimes during low pop, sec often asks AI to do some menial tasks, which I don't mind, there to help. Just, it would be cool for ease of access, if AI had a command list for most consoles in the top right. I know some AI cores have consoles all around, but even that takes a moment to go out of 'eye in the sky' mode back to the core, which actually laggs for a bit sometimes. Or at least make the console windows minimizable like the PDA's are.

In conclusion, AI is extremely fun to play as, but gets dull after some time, I just wish there was more to do as an AI and I'm just not that creative to think of anything, I think it would be great for the community to butt in with some ideas and hopefully the goon team brings those ideas to life! 
Also doesn't help that the game demands an AI, so it might roll someone unenthusiastic for the role, which can hamper the shift in some way...
I dunno if I want to give AI *even more* power. They can already just login to a PC and take a second to check.
I agree with Cal. The clunkiness makes it so not every doctor or security officer calls in the AI to check records.
Now someone has to check this stuff themselves thus giving meaning to the terminals and having someone there.
Agree with both upper 2 comments. Ai can access to medtrak already.

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