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Usual Clown name: Azumulu

BYOND username: Azurnite

Recommended by (if applicable): Myself, the entirety of security at banana peel point, that one captain I threw a pie at, the HOS that I stole their lawbringer and accidentally shot myself with clownshot, that one staff assistant who had the gall to ask, "How did you manage to do that?", and lastly the rest of the people in the back of this clown car heading to Clown Town.

Goon servers you play: 3 (Morty) Morty

Clowning Experience

What advice would you give to other clowns?

Two pieces of advice:

The prank is always funnier when it backfires onto you, even if you successfully pranked someone. Got a banana hidden under a large object on the ground and someone walks over it without slipping? Time to chase them-WHOOPS SLIPPED ON THE PEEL INTO A VENDOR. It usually gets them to stop and stare or even laugh.

Always make them wonder how you managed to pull off something.

What was one of your favorite Clown moments?

I had gotten about 100 banana peels on a conveyor belt, made railings around it, put a sign by it calling it the slip-go-round. I turned it on, jumped in and forgot that each banana slip stacks stun for the clown up to 30 seconds. BUT IT GOT WORSE! As I stood back up I immediately began slipping on the bananas again. I was stuck in an infinite loop of slipping on my slip-go-round. A GLORIOUS SUCCESS IN CLOWNGINEERING!!! As I screamed over the radio of my newfound prison, others began to join me but they too also got caught in my infinite slipping loop. As a dozen of us were trapped on this contraption the Head of Security came by and stood next to the lever, staring us all down as we went around. Many screamed for the sweet release from this torture, but all that was done, that was said, was CLOWN as he activate clownshot and fired into the carousal of slipping victims before walking away.

Answer one or more of the following fun questions:

Suggest a new clowning tool - We have cans of laughter, but we don't have cans of spring-loaded snakes (possible traitor item).

What's a prank or gimmick that you've always wanted to pull off?

Somehow in some way, put enough rainbow fluid in the water system to turn everyone into a clown, or at least clumsiness of one.

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