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Updated Surgical Textbook
I read the new Surgical Textbook for the first time to replace someone's pancreas and ran into several issues that made a seconds long process take 1-2 minutes:

1.) The document is a massive wall of flavor text with the most important part (opening the surgical menu) hidden in a paragraph close to the middle of it.

2.) It doesn't tell you where any of the organs are located in the body.

3.) The Spaceman Body and You as well as the Organ Functions sections should be combined and placed below surgery procedures for efficiency.

4.) The Surgical Textbook contains information on healing organ damage that would be more intuitive to find in the Medbay Pocket Guide. Helpful but not surgery related.

TL;DR The Surgical Textbook is bloated with irrelevant information/fluff and it's missing crucial details about the surgery process. All it needs to do is tell you how to open the surgical menu and where organs are located in the body in a format you can decipher in seconds without scrolling.

Edit: oh wait, maybe nobody updated it when they changed the surgery to use the context buttons. Someone should do that. I coulda sworn someone had.
It's updated but difficult to get surgery out of it when people are dying.
You could say the same about real surgery text books I bet
To be fair real surgical textbook doesn’t always have procedures about how to do surgery step by step. But I strongly agree with you that the book should be update.
I suggest in talk have some chapter about 
-Anatomy that tell organ locate where in abdomen and function 
-Disease that need treatment by surgery condition sign and symptom
-Intitial management like Fluid resuscitation to stable Vital sign and Paincontrol and how to stabilize patient in emergency condition 
-Basic tool surgery 
-Procedures to perform surgery 
-some Pitfall that can happen in surgery.

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