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[Idea] Expansion of Secmate search functionality.
A thought came to mind. Just a minor expansion on secmate's search functionality. currently, the secmate search functionality allows you to search through records matching criteria that encompasses roughly these fields:
  • Name
  • Rank
  • DNA
  • Fingerprints

What if there was one more thing added to the list of searchable fields?
  • Criminal Status

This would allow it to list all those based on the specific criminal status such as parole, arrest, incarcerated. While normally it might not be the most needed, or required thing in the world, I think it might be nice for those who just want a quick glimpse, or need their memory quickly jogged, to see who still has what status in the records. I'm curious to see what everyone might think about the idea, and heck I might even attempt to work on it myself (As I've been looking for ways to start contributing back!) if I feel like it appears to be something that people want. I do have one problem with it myself, and that would be people using it to immediately clear all people with jailbird trait at the start of a round. Thoughts?
This seems like a pretty good idea to me, a fairly basic change that just saves some time and makes things easier, really doesn't seem like it has any significant downsides either. Would be happy to see this introduced!
Oh man this would be FANTASTIC for latejoins or for re-organizing the team during hectic shifts. Could also be a great way to quickly check and deal with off-station crimes or under-age drinking flags. This may also encourage security to actually update criminal records with the criminal's offenses during arrests and processing. Right now it's mostly there for flavor and is typically an afterthought, but this change would make the practice highly encouraged. Suddenly, updating latecomers and those who were busy with other tasks becomes a simple "check the arrest status filter on secmate for our perps today!". Suuuper great idea.
This is something I am surprised we didn't have yet. It's be nice to have a catalogue of all people on arrest/parole/released. I'm all in support of this.
A simple, yet great suggestion! Secmate is one of Security's greatest tools, and I believe this function would only add to it! As mentioned by Kateaclysm, it might also encourage the updating of records, something which would be nice to see done more often! I personally don't see any real downsides to this expansion either. All around, a great idea!

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