Mylie's Mentor Application
Usual character name: Tyra Alvarado, Valiant Blackguard, FARTO, many many others
BYOND username: MylieDaniels
Discord username (if you are on our discord): MylieDaniels
Recommended by (if applicable): N/A
Goon servers you play: Mostly 3 and 4, sometimes 1

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum): 

I really enjoy this game and the community here. Teaching newbees and anyone else who needs help has been the best part of it to me, and while I am able to answer questions and tutor in most channels and mediums without mentor status, I would like it to be able to answer mhelps. Mentors have always been very helpful to me in this community (usually in the ss13-questions channel rather than mhelps, though), and I want to carry on that torch!

I used to play a lot of security officer, but nowadays I enjoy security assistant and detective much more- I like doing forensics and office busywork more than arrests. I have taught quite a few people how to do forensics, security protocols, how to use the tools at hand, and et cetera. I play Detective as Naveen Daemon and Faith Doe, and Security Assistant as Valiant Blackguard.

The only (non-HoS) command role I don't regularly play is Head of Personnel, and I'll admit it, I just find it boring. Regardless, I am able to teach the functions of the banking system, the ID computer, markdown formatting. Every other role I play fairly regularly, but will cover in the sections below except Captain - I play Captain as Tyra Alvarado, and can comfortably teach handling the duties of a captain (which in my eyes, includes managing the law rack, knowing when and if to help security, making decisions when conflict arises, and partially stepping in for absent roles).

I started the game as a research main, and haven't lost interest since. I love and have gone heavily in depth on chemistry, adventures and telescience, artifacts, gas/toxins research, and love to teach all the prior subjects. I play Research Director as Valerie Blackguard, Research Assistant as FARTO, and Test Subject as Shrimp Adepas. I know the rules about secret content related to research (both for azones and chemicals), and hope that I've never spoiled anything for someone unless they blatantly asked "show me the exact methods or ingredients to do this". Instead, I've really tried to focus on teaching the principles and hints behind things.


Engineering is my second favorite place to work in the game! I know how to operate every engine type, how to deconstruct, replicate, repair, and decorate pretty much anything stationside or outside it, and love when I can teach people these things because I think that getting to shape the world of the game is really satisfying. Strictly speaking, I can do the whole "ridiculous quantities of power" stuff, but prefer to mess with different ways of getting things done or mechanics instead of enhancing the engine all round... unless it's nuclear. God I love nuclear engines. I also know the whole shebang of mining and cargo, stuff from requisitions to safe nanite mining - I play (Chief) Engineer as FARTO and Tyra, Miner as Tyra, and Quartermaster as Valiant.

Medicine is the first thing I usually teach newbees after a bit of inventory management. I know the medical procedures, medicines, and enjoy teaching surgery most of all. If I'm feeling lazy and want a chill round, I'll join as a medical cyborg and mend people all day. Genetics is probably my weakest area, though I still have a good understanding of it - just not much playtime.
I play Medical Director and Roboticist as Elizabeth Foster, as well as Medical Doctor, Roboticist, and Geneticist as Genevieve Tekne.

I love to cook the most ridiculous "foods" I can make (and make actually nice looking spreads), splice the stupidest plants I can, and serve cocktails that bubble and glow but are still safe to drink. Janitor is a job I don't play much on RP, but on classic I really enjoy it. I teach botany pretty commonly, probably more than any other job. I think the civilian department is probably my most played department after maybe research.
I play chef as Valiant, bartender as Faith, botanist and rancher as Vivante Corpse, and janitor as Valid Kill over on Goon1.

I have played more than my fair share of antag rounds (a combination of luck and setting every antag to on, I think), and I'm confident I can quickly advise confused antags on how to use their gear or abilities if they mhelp for assistance.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): 
I have been banned for a week twice before for getting salty. It's been a while, and I would like to think I've grown a lot since then and have definitely gotten better at not being a sore loser.
Mylie's been a great help to me before both in-game and out of game. I constantly see her on the discord; in the questions channel, in the spoiler and coder channels. She's more than happy to answer questions in LOOC, has spent entire rounds helping newbees out with their chosen profession, runs and goes on expeditions to azones, and also sometimes proceeds to terrify them should she turn out to be an antag - the rounds where she killed me and damn near everyone else on the biodome? A better example of escalation I have not seen.

In addition to this she's a dab hand at coding and spriting both, and a good teacher to boot. She taught me DM code, helped me think through why things are written the way that they are instead of simply telling me what to write. I couldn't have gotten my cooling rack PR off the ground without her help.

Her wealth of knowledge of the game and its underlying workings is as fascinating as it is terrifying, as are the interactions between them she somehow manages to find and use. I don't know exactly how many things have ended up fixed as a result of her finding some obscure unplanned interaction, leading to FARTO pulling some hilarious clownly antics which both send the station's sides into orbit and have the coders scratching their heads, but it has to be in the dozens at this point.

A wholehearted +1 from me.
100% yes. I don't know if I've seen Mylie helping much in round, but that's mostly just because we don't play the same departments. She's always willing to engage and create gimmicks and is an awesome person to be around. My most memorable interaction with them is when they as their clown character FARTO ripped out all their organs and juggled them for the crew. Sounds gruesome, but it was awesome. I know she knows a ton about this game, and as Error mentioned, she's always active in the question channel answering things. +1 from me.
Mylie is someone who knows a lot of information about the game from general information to incredibly niche tidbits. They've answered plenty of my own questions both in game and in the discord let alone the countless others. Plus they know how to not only code dive, but they can code themselves! I know Mylie is very creative always on top of the new updates and wanting to fix issues that pop up.

This is someone who wants to give new players a good experience and experienced players a memorable and fun time.

Mylie obviously knows a lot about the game and its mechanics. And like other people, I have observed her going out of her way to help out new players. That being said, I do not reccomend her for mentor status.
On multiple occasions (one of them personally), I have seen Mylie get frustrated with other players to the point of lashing out. While usually minor, these outbursts are frequent enough that I would not be comfortable seeing her as a mentor at this time.
I feel like Mylie just has to show a little more restraint in the discord. Other than that though, Mylie has shown incredibly diverse knowledge of the game, a willingness to help people and has contributed to the game in numerous ways. A joy to play with in game too, she manages to consistently surprise me with gimmicks and niche knowledge. As long as Mylie is willing to show restraint in the future she's someone I can very, very easily say yes to. Currently has my recommendation, since I'm more than confident Mylie can show the restraint I mentioned. Big +1
Very knowledgeable, but most important of all (IMO) for a mentor is that Mylie is the friendliest and the bestest. Great pfp too, the best even, which is obviously crucial.

Mylie literally is great both on being friendly and teaching stuff. I think she would be a great mentor, since they are truly invested in the game and in the community. Can't wait to ask them how to piss!
I have witnessed mylie being a very helpfull and positive person on the discord and ingame. I have good experience with her ingame and also saw her going out of her way to teach or help new players. She has great ingame-kniwledge as well and comes up with niche stuff that does quite often surprise me.

She takes the game and community very personal, which is on the one hand very positive, since she actively contributes a lot to it. On the other hand she got a tendency to get emotional over things, which i personally don't see as a problem, but i can fully understand others perceiving it as one.

Overall, i think she would make a great purple mouse.
yea deffo +1. knows enough about the game to break it in many ways, but always a positive influence despite such eldritch knowledge.
Recently seen Mylie stay polite despite bad rounds and some poor stuff, bigger +1 from before. I'd be incredibly surprised to see Mylie not become purple soon.
I see you really active in the discord and in game a lot and you do offer answers and help people, along with other things people have mentioned, but I have one really specific incident that has not sat well with me.

I joined a round on Classic, I was in botany and you were a rancher. You had come over and dug up plants/harvested and when I asked that you not do that, you responded with, "youre not from around here huh" like I didn't deserve basic respect (new player or not) that I ask you respect our workspace. I could understand if this was a character you were playing with a rough personality like that but we were on Classic (Not saying that you can't roleplay on Classic) and you only came and apologized to me in game about your behavior in that prior round when you found it was me. So to me that really didn't feel like you were playing a character with a personality. I have just never liked that it was how I was treated when you believed me to be a new player.
I thought about this a while. As Shiiba and Rubber rats where pointing out, I have seen some aggressive behavior from Mylie. However, the last time I've witnessed or know of that was like, back in September of last year.

There may be stuff I do not see, but what I have seen is a marked desire and attempt to be more positive and friendly, and inclusive. Mylie has always shown herself to be extremely eager to help anyone in basically anything, and her wide range of knowledge, I feel that she is generally if nothing else acting from a place I would consider well intentioned. I have witnessed her throw away or throw entire antag rounds to help teach new players and give them memorable experiences, both while observing, on as my character, or on as characters she does not know.

Obviously, I am of course, friendly to Mylie in general, despite disagreements or arguments in certain things, and generally I feel that my own personal bias would of course be reflected in this so my own commendation might come at a reduced or doubted level due to this.

But to speak where I am, I have seen a knowledgeable and inclusive player who has learned a great deal about temperament, and even half a year+ ago when she was more aggressive or unhappy player she still always took the roll of guide, teacher, and ambassador of goon quite seriously and with great and almost gleeful enthusiasm.
Fun, experienced, and always making new gimmicks during a round. I've had lots of very positive interactions with them with pretty much no negative ones that I can remember. Respectful and friendly on discord, as well as being fairly active there too. +1 from me.
Mylie is a fun and helpful presence in the community. Her gimmicks are fun and inclusive (and usually make my sides hurt from laughing) and I've seen her drop what she's doing to help countless players, both new and experienced. I've also had nothing but positive interactions with her around in the discord.

don't see a reason why she can't join the purple mouse gang.

mega +1 Sleeping bee

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