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Suggestion: Captain De-Authorizing the armory
A simple suggestion, and something for captains to do.

Let captains de authorize the armory, the same as hos. This wouldn't take much away, allow the armory to be used a bit more responsibly without a hos, and importantly give the captains a small measure of additional importance.

This should be tied,  specifically, to the captains original id, and not be something that can be randomly put on other cards.
I like. Makes sense since we now allow regular sec-officers to vote to open it, give the Capain a veto.
I like this, I like the armory seeing use a lot. This might make people less afraid to open it.
Again.. The captain's disk would be perfect for this.
Captains disc is also a good use.

I would also hope that letting the captain veto the armory, especially since the HOS can just overturn that, and letting it be closable again would encourage people using it more for emergencies.

I kinda want the red locker to only be openable DURING an authed armory by the hos, but another bagga chips
very good idea, implemented it with the auth disk approach:

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