Morrow Moonhollow's HoS Application. (WOW!!!!)
Usual character name: 
  • Morrow Moonhollow

BYOND username: 
  • Kateaclysm

Discord username (if you are on our discord): 
  • @Kateaclysm

Recommended by (if applicable):
  • None in particular, but a few members of the community and security regulars have discussed what it takes to be HoS in the past, and have encouraged me to take the plunge when I felt confident enough! Seeing other sec players take the plunge and be welcomed in has helped build my confidence, as well!

Goon servers you play:
  • Goon 3, 4 (rarely!)

Reason for application:

My absolute favourite part of the security role is how deeply nuanced and essential it can be to the flow of a round. A shift can feel great on security's end in that you've caught the bad guy and given them a suitable punishment... But is that really fun for the antagonist, or whoever did the crime? Did you make getting "in trouble" an engaging part of the SS13 experience? Do you interact with people you're sworn to protect in a way that makes them want to see you visit their department? The HoS has an immense effect on all of this, and I want to be the kind of player people can go to when they're stuck, or need a helping hand to make rounds more enjoyable as a security officer. 

Security experience (300 word minimum):

I've been playing Security for... Maybe a year now? Maybe a bit less than that. I started playing SS13 exclusively on the classic servers, but I was eventually told about the RP servers, and how they provided a different experience to that of classic... And checked em' out. Soon after I had made myself comfortable, I started playing SecAss - a role i had always had an interest in, but never the nerve to try - on server 4, and was trained by the ever-present Paladin Trieu. She gave me a huge rundown of everything it meant to be security on the station - from the basics of equipment and brigging etiquette... to the more meta aspects like interacting in a nuanced way with the antagonist, fellow sec teammates, and the crew. Since then, I've made many arrests and helped with a lot of cases on both Morty and Sylvester, and thus I've had a pretty varied experience when it comes to population counts and sec team sizes. 4 is a very chill, low-pop experience a lot of the time, and I found it to be absolutely critical in my sec-learning experience. While the lower energy level helped me catch my footing and get my bearings, the absolutely stellar and theatric antagonists over there helped me understand the RP aspect of interacting with "villains" in a way that I may not have experienced on an uber-busy server like 3. On the flipside, I tend to play on 3 a lot more lately exactly because it gets a lot busier! The first couple rounds were a bit of a shock to the senses; there were a lot more crisis alerts and people to talk with, and departments are usually completely full of people. The increased player count also meant that we had a lot more antagonists to deal with - an excellent place to learn how to prioritize and deal with several threats at once. Honestly, I couldn't have asked for better environments to learn in. Both flavors of sec are fun in their own ways and offer a unique experience, and I'm honestly stoked that it's something I was able to take advantage of while learning. These days, I'm typically on 3 since I've gotten real used to the hustle and bustle of a busy station, and enjoy having a lot of voices on the sec radio. The antagonists are so varied, and we typically have several major situations per shift, which keeps things interesting - and keeps me on my toes. I love it. Sec is such a lovely department to be in and it's by far my favourite role in the game just for the interactivity it has with the rest of the station by default. Definitely a sec main for life.

Answer two or more of the following:

1. What advice would you give to other sec players?

Avoid playing this role as if it's a game you win or lose! I fell into this trap a couple times over my career, and while I'm grateful to have learned the hard way, it felt like a huge part of my personal development in the role. You're not here purely to get the bad guy, and you're not a bad security officer for getting robusted or failing to stop the antagonist from their plans. You are here to roleplay, protect the crew and do what you can to make the round interesting and fun for the antagonist and the rest of the crew, end of story! If you play to "Win", you're ignoring the fun and most interesting part of the role, and it tends to lead to a lot of sourness when things don't go your way...(and trust me, they will NOT go your way sometimes) and that's not fun for anyone! Nobody likes whining in deadchat or OOC, and I've been guilty of this in the past... Which is why I stress this part so much! You'll ruin your own experience AND that of others, so take it easy and let things happen.

2. What was one of your favorite security moments? (Either playing as a sec officer or interacting with one)

I have so many, but one of the most memorable ones was when a salvager team I was a part of decided to run a "Pizza delivery" gimmick, where we made a bunch of NASTY pizzas filled with as many floorpill reagents as we could, dressed up as pizza delivery guys and all came on station at once for a "Nanotrasen sponsored crew pizza day." The security team on station had a HoS and a nearly full security team, so I was expecting to get shut down pretty quickly... However, when it was reported that 5 strangers wearing all red with baseball caps on were running around in the halls and screaming awful, stereotypical "New Yorker" phrases, the entire sec team came out and fully embraced our stupid gimmick, including the HoS. Eventually we were caught in the aftermath of giving one of the officers our nightmare pizza. during interrogation, the detective came in and slid a list containing every ingredient present in the offending pizza onto the table, and forced one of us to read out every ingredient. It took us a solid 10 minutes to list them all - with our personal anecdotes - out, at which point security was so appalled at us, that they decided to execute us for our pizza crimes right then and there. I fondly remember that round not just because of the gimmick, but because the entire security team gave us a chance to run our stupid, elaborate scheme - only taking action once we had actually done tangible harm to the station's denizens... They even gave us an engaging and hilarious interrogation! This was MONTHS ago, and I still remember it because of how fun it was on both sides and an example of how good it can be for antagonists when security understands their role in keeping a round entertaining for everyone.

3. What game improvements or changes do you think would benefit security players?

Oh! I think it's been suggested a lot before, but a way to quickly denote that you're responding to a crisis alert! While there's merit to having security radio to manually report in for these kinds of things, it can get VERY hectic when there's several alerts in a short period, especially if you're an exceptionally small - or exceptionally large - team. This being implemented in a way that does not disrupt sec comms would be a really nice cherry on top, too. There's been a lot of times where vital information is obfuscated or missed due to a flood of "heading to ___" responses in chat.

Answer one or more of the following fun questions (because it's important for the HoS to be fun):

What's a security gimmick that you've ran or wanted to run?

It's more of a HoS gimmick than anything else, but I've wanted to do an "Undercover boss" gimmick where the HoS has a (very poorly made) disguise and attempts to infiltrate the security team as a suspiciously helpful and knowledgeable security assistant in some way. - Actively responding as an actual HoS under a different name all the while. -  I would deliberately ask to be partnered up with folks; ask silly questions about the job to see how the team responds to a strange newbie... Something like that... Only to reveal in an over-the-top fashion that IT ACTUALLY TWAS I!!!! THE HoS ALL ALONG!!! To a crowd of very... unsurprised security officers.

The other idea I had was a sec-team bake-off. Put everyone into different teams and see who can make the best donuts - determined by the HoS -. Winners would receive the ultimate prize: Smug satisfaction.... And everyone would win since the donut box in the main sec office would actually be full again!

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will):

While I'm certain I've never been banned before, I'm like, 80% sure I've also never been warned. During the aforementioned time where I learned that taking the sec role as a win/lose situation, I've had a few times where I was salty, and I definitely regret those moments a lot. That being said... If I have been warned in the past, it was likely when I was just getting used to the RP ruleset and probably broke some RP specific conventions for a little bit. It was new to me at the time and continues to be a very embarrassing time for me. Like prom in highschool... or highschool in general...

Thanks for readin, y'all! I'm finally taking my first shot at this whole application thing. It's nerve-wracking, but it's also super exciting! I just wish I knew how to make the formatting look a bit more appealing! Hope to see you all in game, as usual! <3
I've seen Morrow quite a few times in round and she's always a sensible presence who knows what she's doing. I've interacted with Kate quite a lot in the discord as well and she's always helpful and friendly too. Definitely a good fit for HoS personality wise and skill wise.
I have worked quite a bit with Morrow and they are one of the folks I am delighted to see on my team. Good communication skills, has a handle on how to handle an arrested antag, and definitely quite level headed even in the craziest of moments crises. One point that I think is important is the humor Morrow brings in during the lulls in activity. It may be one little joke, but it definitely helps keep the mood lighter. All of this would definitely make for a good HOS.
In my brief stints in security, I find that I am always comforted by Morrow's presence on a security team. Recently I've been attempting to play HoS on mentor Fridays, and have been learning a lot about how to communicate effectively on a security team. Morrow as an officer is friendly while being collected in situations that had me running around like a headless chicken. I think Kate has a good grasp on when to go along with something and when to put her foot down.
I have also seen her on multiple occasions teaching newer security members the ropes while still managing to keep an eye on whatever situation is unfolding on station. As a whole, I think Kate would make a great HoS.
Absolutely would love to see Morrow in the hat myself. Friendly, incredibly helpful, fun to be around, and well.. she definitely knows her stuff when it comes to the department! Also seen her teach rookies on or more than one occasion, and she does an absolutely fantastic job with it. Really not much more I can say outside of that.
Its wonderful to see how you grew in the department and into the game. Im not sure if ive seen you organizing the team much on hosless rounds (and that could be a me thing), specially because you do are an efficient responder, but im sure that you would own it on a leading position. You do communicate very well, and keep the round interesting even if with pleasant little talks and interaction, and you do know when to make a goo silly every once in a while. Rooting for you to get the beret! (or cap if youre UNTASTEFUL!!!!! jkjkjk)
Morrow is very responsive to situations that require it, and from the times I've listened in on sec radio they are also very communicative and active on comms. I don't really play security, but from the outside looking in they are definitely a welcoming and friendly presence on the team.

big +1
Yeah, I dig Morrow. Have seen them train people, be really responsive over the radio, providing good interactions and generally just good stuff all around.

Morrow is communicative friendly and responsible. No complaints. I want to see her lead a bit moee but im sure she can.
I feel like I haven't really gotten a chance to see you lead. That's pretty much where that ends and where a whole lot of positives start. Communicates, has good grips on Security as a whole. +1 because like Silent Majority said, I trust Morrow can lead.
+1 for Morrow big time. She's always one of the better members of sec to interact with. Or in any role she's in, really.
another person i'd definitely see leading sec regularly. morrow has shown communicative skills, the patience to teach, and the capacity to lead if given the chance. i enjoy having her on teams when playing security, not only for reliability but capacity to hold her own with arrests. +1 from me
I think Morrow is cut out for HoS. I've seen her on multiple occasions lead and organize the security team when it was lacking a HoS. I see her go out of her way to communicate information consistently and she is focused on working as a team. +1 from me.
Morrow is a very skilled and communicative secoff, and she's always a pleasure to work with. She's great at RPing and understands how to handle antags, and she has a good understanding of leadership from what I've seen.
However I personally have not seen her teach new players (not that she doesn't, I just haven't personally witnessed it), and more importantly, I've seen several instances of postround salt and callouts in the discord recently, which do not suggest to me the emotional robustness required for HOS.

As additional security feedback, it is often extremely difficult to visually identify morrow as a member of security, which can present a problem in rounds.

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