Old Longbert HoS application 2 electric boogaloo
Usual character name: Old Longer
BYOND username: kirdy2 
Discord username (if you are on our discord): Kirdy
Recommended by (if applicable):
Goon servers you play: Goon 3

Reason for application: 
I honestly just want to try some fun gimmicks that require me to be HoS. I also want to try NTSO and thats pretty much it.  

Security experience (300 word minimum):
I have been on goon for almost 3 years and for a good chunk of that I have been in sec. I fought on goon 1 back when it had about 120 players on average, games went on until someone forgot to recall the shuttle, and the average robustness of the sec team often was lower than stirs. It was a trial by fire and many players did not last long enough to become a fully sec officer. But not me, I survived and became a fully fledged sec officer. While I may have been little more than other meat shields against the inevitable tide of nukies and greyshirts. During that time I fought against every antag that could exist and a few that shouldn't. I've seen things you people wouldn't believe, nukies on fire off the shoulder of an ice moon, I watched a macho man meet his match in the dark near the grinder, I All those moments may be lost in time, like Longberts original backstory. While I did get burned out, after a year-long hiatus I returned to goon 1. It is likely starting from this point I haven't gone a month without playing at least a round or two. I have learned many lessons, like did you know that if you have a shield and body armor you can tank a TTV that is about 5-6 tiles away. I have also grown more robust, having almost defeated Ranni Stella and David Davies in the ring. While I may not be the best, I consider myself good at the game. I have trained a few new players however mostly stick to giving tips rather than fully training someone. I have also played as most antag types, only not playing as updated wraith and the in development gang rework. I am able to ID and then bully most types of antags like any good HoS. However due to Longberts old age I am unable to play the piano which may disqualify me from HoS. 

Answer two or more of the following:
  • What advice would you give to other sec players? 
Have fun, come up with interesting gimmicks or a fun backstory or relationship with another character.  well at the end of the day security job is to protect the station that doesn't mean that you are some vat grown clone. The sec is often quiet until it's not and it can get very boring very fast when no one is doing anything for a good portion of the round. Also even when it's not I'm sure  for both you and the antag it's a lot more fun if rather than being chased by sec grunt 1723 they are being chased by John Humanson a real normal human and totally not a saurian in a wig. Also stay on comms, it is not fun when a bomber is let free or someone is killed alone because no one is reading the red text in the corner. The amount of times I have seen sec get picked off one by one is roughly equal to the amount of times when the only people on the shuttle are either antags or corpses. 
  • What game improvements or changes do you think would benefit security players?
Two major improvements that I personally would make to benefit and diversify the security department would be additional items for other departments that positively increase sec’s performance and more customization options for security and HoS’. Additional items that other apartments can manufacture and then second can utilize with help make sec feel more connected to the rest of the station. At the current moment it can sometimes feel like a sec is isolated and it's only interaction with other departments is in arresting someone or when those other apartments take the initiative. I find sex to be a lot more interesting in moments where it's connected to the apartment such as when security has to work with engineering and Mining in order to make pods that are strong enough to counter heavily armed salvs.  I wish that maybe the production of power cells was a bit more streamlined as at the current moment it takes quite a bit just to make one mediocre one so then maybe mining could manufacture a large sum of power cells and then give them to sec.  Another idea would perhaps be to increase the amount of healing that donuts heal or an easy recipe to make robustus donuts  in order to encourage sec to ask the kitchen for food directly. Little things like that also open up more opportunities for antagonists to mess with sec sick as maybe you could poison the donuts or using an emag or similar device make it so that the power cells short circuit randomly.  The customization is more just a general thing although it has a few glaring omissions. The largest one being that of sec lacking its own unique spacesuit which has on multiple occasions led to friendly fire and at least one person dying. Even if it was nothing more than a red painted version of the normal spacesuit it would help to ensure that in a dog fight security is not firing at themselves.  should be an option for the ntso and HoS to have red and blue outfits respectively. This is more due to the fact that a lot of times Security will tend to be pretty uniform around one color whether that be blue or red and just allowing the option for those two roles to match the rest of their department would be nice.
  • Describe any differences in your playstyle when part of a full security team and when being the only security officer. 
My play style when I am part of a full security team is very different from when I am solo. The most major thing is that when I am solo I almost never do actual gimmicks that are just saying things over the radio and generally I play a lot more carefully. I also want him to be as available as possible so I either won't really patrol the station and just use cams or if I have another officer available split the station in half and only patrol that portion of it. I also won't engage in as much dialogue as I normally would just do to the fact that I tend to find when antags figure out  that there is a solo security they generally play a lot more aggressive and  less carefully. So I find that flexibility is the most important aspect of solo secing. When I make a group however I fulfill a very different role. Well I do play seriously still play seriously when we have an antag that is destroying the station or has killed people in security I will generally play  quite serious if not a little stupid depending on the severity of the situation.  However, if we're dealing with antiques whose biggest crimes are robbing parts of the station or  breaking into places that they shouldn't be in, I play the role that I am probably the most infamous for.  I will go very heavy into a gimmick or get distracted by some random thing.  I have seen it described as well. The rest of sec is dealing with break-ins, Longbert is off having some sitcom b-plot. If asked I will do what's requested of me and I generally do read and try to talk over security. But for example l Longbert decided this shift that Discount Dan was the greatest threat to the station and as a result started to remove all of the discount and vending machines. 

Answer one or more of the following fun questions (because it's important for the HoS to be fun):
  • What's a security gimmick that you've ran or wanted to run? 
There are so many choices throughout my long and storied career. There is of course the gimmick in which Longbert has a one sided hatred of Santa. This one is fun to run, especially if I get either someone who is very pro Santa or a very proactive Santa. My favorite time was when an admin made me a grinch (while I was still a secoff) and I proceeded to act like a silver era joker and DESTROY SPACEMAS ONCE AND FOR ALL. AND I WOULD HAVE GOTTEN AWAY WITH IT TO IF IT WEREN'T FOR THOSE MEDDLING SECs and their little det too. Another time I started a free medbay after the MD went on a bit of a power trip and decided that free healthcare was no longer a right of all good NT workers. A few doctors agreeing with my cause joined me. Shortly after however the MD disliking his competition tried to destroy free medbay, this then escalated to the doctors who were part of free medbay and the MD violating the Hippocratic oath as they beat each other up while arguing if healthcare should be free. I did stun both parties when it became clear that they were willing to die on whatever hill they stood. Generally I dont use sec equipment if I am doing a gimmick unless someone either takes it to far or it is really funny but will have no lasting consequence i.e. tormenting the cap by shooting him a single time whenever he passed me in the halls, after he insulted my trigger discipline. I have so many more like the Martain Genocide, the IRS invasion, the tale of the swag gun, and many many more.
Draw a picture!

[Image: O2QSnLQ0nNj9PuGMB11ejOaT_KEOOujfs4gCKREv...xkEVjCX8lQ]
[Image: 2uhUDm-ieS-0TUyvDsvndmKl7dJ1ezNBvdd_N_eB...2uq-AOBcmY]

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): I have had my fair share of warnings, but no bans as far as I know.
If there's one thing that Oldbert loves, I would definitely agree that it's gimmicks. I always enjoy seeing Oldbert in the department. Fun, and almost always running a gimmick. However that can prove to be a double edged blade. At times Oldbert's gimmicks can be quite fun, and at other times.. they can prove to be a large distraction for Oldbert. Mostly I've noticed this when it comes to attempting to communicate, or ask them to cover something only to be met with complete silence or what feels like an eternity. Between that, and.. I'm not sure I've seen them teach (Something I would love to be proven wrong on!), I'm mostly neutral on this, with a slightly positive lean.
As stated by Avanth, and even in your own application, you don't consistently and actively teach and guide new sec players, and you often don't coordinate or communicate with the rest of your team, nor do you tend to take initiative in a leadership role, all of which are, in my eyes, the most core responsibilities and duties a HoS needs to be able to consistently fulfill.

The communication especially is an issue, I've had multiple full rounds with you where I didn't realize you were on the sec team due to lack of communication over radio and involvement in security.

All in all, it seems like you have the "Fun" part of HoS down pat, however, I'd have to see significantly more communication, leadership, and active participation before I'd feel comfortable seeing you in the beret and boots.
That's exactly what i wanted to say but didn't find the right words to. You do know your shit, and when you follow your role as an officer things tend to go very well. The gimmicks you run and the jokes you do are always a bright side on the round. I do think you can get a bit lost on those, making sometimes difficult/busy shifts even more busy. Recently we had a very busy shift with some new officers and salvs being very disruptive, and also a admin gimmicks where dogs were spawned as a pet. I think a pet sanctuary was built or something by a handful of crewmembers, which was very fun and seems to have been meaningful to the whole round. The issue i have and kinda point out what i said earlier is that i, as the HoS, talked to you about either going for a job change (since you were focused on the gimmick, which is fine, but made no sense to keep the security/det equipament) or assisting the team, and if im not wrong you kept orbiting the pets gimmick. Just so you wont understand this as an personal issue with you, i do like longbert a lot and makes me really happy to see them because i know something funny will happen sooner or later around them, but when assuming a leading position i think a lot of focus is expected (specially in a role everyone is constantly checking things with you about multiple subjects at the same time)
Nah. I feel like you've become far more unreliable and off-the-grid style of not communicating since your original application. There's been times where you've went to chase down a Wizard on the Radio roundstart before they were going to do anything and I had immense trouble getting to you to tell you to maybe pull it back a little until the Wizard has started doing stuff. You also didn't seem to listen to me or any of the other officers until the HoS said the same thing, which to me, is concerning. I do not believe at this time you have the right mindset when it comes to majority of Security to become a HoS. -1 from me.
I feel your behavior is frequently one interested in your own entertainment. This is fine. I also think its inappropriate. You routinely in captain and security roles loudly and publicly declare you hate NT and want to "become independent". You rarely if ever communicate. You pursue your gimmicks andnprojects and ignore the round flow, concentrating on the story you want rather then the story that is happening.

I love to see you around. I don't think you'd be a good hos as of right now, but, i am sure you can play more with the team. I know that its your fun time. That you want to tell your story. I also know how hard it is to try to not tell the exact story you want to tell.

Keep working on stuff!

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