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[idea] New mechanic disease “Cancer”
here is my idea about “cancer” mechanic hear me out please
1.”Cancer” what is it ?and what can it do?
-It a chronic disease that cause by abnormal mutation of the gene and make cell growth in abnormal characteristics and then more progressive and invade other organ.We know that cancer is some kind of serious disease and need serious medication like chemotherapy , Radiotherapy , Surgery to remove. And cancer also has risk to happen by many factor like smoking , alcohol , radiation to detect the disease we need to have good screening for early detection.
2.Why “cancer” should add in this game 
-The game has many factor that contributes to make cancer already like Smoking to become Lung cancer , Alcohol to become Liver cancer and intestine cancer. so I think it possible just to add small chance to develop the disease from this risk.
-Encourage people visit medbey even they are healthy . For routine check medbey will be the place we don’t need to ask them to get clone scan or genetic research people still want to visit us!
-make more task for the doctor to play with since we don’t have any new disease for so long time(I would be explain it in the * for idea of cancer mechanic)
-make more weapon for doctor antagonist to play with (would explain in *)
3.Why “cancer” might be bad idea
-someone might said doctor duties actually hard enough add this more few mechanic might effect balance of the game in the bad way
-if cancer is add it might really effect on the genetic and make many problem sequences because genetic always work with radiation.
4.what some detail of “cancer” that I talk about
*the mechanic of cancer should be like this
First of all the cancer has very small % chance to develop the disease however take some stuff that add risk would multiply chance of developing it
Once the disease is happen the patient might feel something depend on the organ that involve and what stage it is
First stage would be asymptomatic but can detect by some investigation that involve doctor or genetic 
Second stage should develop some symptom like debuff stamina or health and some symptom depend on organ it is 
For lung might have some cough
For intestine,liver ,stomach might abdominal pain
For renal might back pain 
For spleen might look pale 
For heart might have chest pain 
For brain you might headache 
For eye you might blur vision 
For any limbs you might palpable mass in there but it fine

Stage 3 might have some marked symptom 
For lung might hemoptysis
For intestine and liver might have serious vomitting and hematochezia and continue farting
For stomach might have hemopthysis and vomiting 
For renal you will very pale and develope untreatable fever and mark pale
For brain you migh pt found random convulsion 
For eye might blindness 
For limb might serious weakness for hand might random drop stuff for legs might walk slower

This is just the idea for symptom another is organ mechanics and how to treatment 
-first it need to detect by analyzer and can be curable by simple surgery or medicine or radiotherapy 
-second stage the cancer might be metastasis and invade another contact organ for example intestine to liver and make it harder to treatment 
-third stage should invade multiple organ the patient will be very unstable and prone to die easily 
By the way the time for progression should be so long enough and can be interrupted or accelerated 
The cancer should be able to extract for get carcinogen and use it for bio weapon 
Another idea for treatment cancer should be like this
- radiotherapy 
Using small amount of radiation expose on specific area to destroy cancer
Too much of it will damage organ and radiation  
Using medicine to treat might need 3-4 cycle for complete course too much of it might have some serious side effect like hair loss ,anemia,prone to infection 
If you read to this section thank for waste your time on it please discuss for some feedback
Cancer is a bit much for a silly farting space game.
I agree with Grifflez here, cancer really doesn't fit into the game. Also, the way you're describing it, it's far more complex than other diseases, and not consistent with them. Not a good idea.
oh my god, no

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