dijonmustard01/Brayden Mentor Application
Usual character name: Brayden Mildred/Burns The Bodies/G.R.U.N.G.O.
BYOND username: dijonmustard01
Discord username (if you are on our discord): dijonmustard0452
Recommended by (if applicable): N/A
Goon servers you play: Goonstation 3

Reason for application:

My primary reason for applying is simply that I enjoy helping people. I feel like it's a shame that I'm not around to help new players figure out some of the stuff at all times, so becoming a mentor would help me at least increase the amount of people I'm able to help. I've been playing for around three years now, so I've seen all the mechanics and map rotations change over time, and I'd like to pass on a little of my knowledge to other people. While I admit that I'm not the most knowledgeable in some parts of the game, there are a few things that I feel I can provide a bit of a unique set of information for, which will be explained in the following paragraphs.

Game experience:

The engineering department is one that I've played hundreds of times at the very least, this is where I first fell in love with SS13 and Goonstation in particular. I know every engine forwards and backwards. When I play engineer, my hope is that people see me and think "Oh thank god, at least I know I won't have to worry about power today". I've gotten the TEG upwards of 500 MW entirely by myself, aside from Mining being the ones that get me Molitz Beta of course. While working with other Engineers, I've gotten the TEG into the Terawatts before. In real life, I'm a senior at my university finishing up my Physics degree, so the ideal gas law is something I've actually studied and know a bit further than the little bits of it in the wiki. Having this background in Physics has helped me understand how to more effectively run the engine and repressurize parts of the station after a breach. 

In terms of the Singularity Engine, I have messed around with feeder systems quite a bit. I've made simple teleporter systems, flusher systems, automated pressure sensor + teleporter systems, hallway feeder teleporters with built in safety systems to prevent people from killing themselves or others, and many more with varying complexity. One feeder system I'm quite proud of was a hallway feeder teleporter that was stylized like a sort of baseball pitching game, where people could throw things at the teleporter to see if they can hit it, and if they did the thing they threw would go into the singularity. If they missed, then it would trigger a display to say "Try again!". When I play with a singularity engine, I can pretty consistently hit GW levels of power even if I'm fully on my own. If science gets me cooled plasma, then I've gotten the power up to 60 GW.

For the Nuclear Reactor, I'm a bit less fond of it. Most of the time I set it up and go on to do other things with my time, like messing around with mechcomp gadgets and repairing the station. That being said, I have a few custom layouts that I tend to use if I'm trying to make the numbers get high. I know how to set up an automatic adjuster for the turbine from memory, and have taught many engineers how to as well. Very rarely do I push the nuclear engine into dangerous territory, though I have accidentally triggered a meltdown once before while I was really pushing it a while back. I've got a pretty good idea of what is powerful but safe and what is rapidly approaching dangerous levels. 

Oshan's Geothermal generators I'm least fond of, and typically just don't play engineer on. I know how it works, I just personally find it quite dull. When I do play engineer on Oshan, I normally will set it up so that we've got enough power to comfortably supply the station, then focus on other things.

Quartermaster and Miner:
I play these two roles much less than engineer, but I do frequently play them when I'm feeling it. As a quartermaster, I know what things I should look out for to make maximum profit. All of the boxes I order for people always get their name on them so everyone knows who gets what, and I get people's supplies as quick as I can. I pride myself on being good enough at the role that I can buy whatever is needed whenever it's needed, regardless of how many people come in or how expensive their orders are. I also go out of my way to buy extra stuff for robotics, artlab, and botany so that they can do their job most efficiently. As a miner, I mostly just focus on pod mining nowadays, but I keep the rockbox stuffed with goodies, and make sure to call out whenever I get things that other people might really like. I know how to mine Nanite asteroids without any risk of dying or releasing a horde onto the station. I've also taught quite a few people how to do mining and not die, since the role attracts new players.

Security is the department I play probably second most. I really enjoy trying to track down and apprehend antagonists. When I first started playing security, I didn't expect it to be as mechanically intense as it was. Constantly shifting between intents and various tools to make sure that I've got the best chance of taking down the criminal is adrenaline-pumping, and I think that's part of the reason I enjoy it so much. I tend to play Detective over Security Officer, because I like having all of the extra little tools for tracking down criminals, and I also enjoy that the Detective is a bit less powerful than a regular Officer. I'm forced to work together with Officers to get into places and effectively take down criminals, but it's the very best at figuring out how people were killed, who messed with what, and where they may be now. 

When I play security, I try hard to not be too rough on the antags, and not take things personally when I'm brutally murdered. It's a thin line between expressing your in-character frustration with a situation and having it come off like you as a player are genuinely mad at another player for playing an antagonist. I try to lean more towards attempting to talk things out with someone who is being a crimer, and only resort to pulling out the taser or revolver when they're making a break for it or are actively trying to murder me. Once the person is in cuffs, I make sure to bring them to interrogations so that they can get their fill of back and forth dialogue with me or another member of security, though if the interrogation runs long then I'll reduce or eliminate brig time depending on the crime since they've already spent so much time in security. If I'm playing detective, I make sure that all interrogations are recorded, and all evidence is stored neatly in a labelled evidence box in case someone wants to go to trial.

Since I play the Security and Engineering as Brayden so often, some might not know that I have another character, Burns the Bodies. I enjoy playing medical quite a bit, and I've gotten pretty decent at things like surgery. Very rarely do people die when I could have saved them by playing better. I know what chems to apply for the various types of illnesses or injuries people might sustain throughout a shift, I know when I should throw someone into the sleeper or cryo tube, and I know when I should put someone into the operating room for a surgical procedure. When I do play Medical, I am sure to chat up everyone that comes in with a cheery tone while I make sure they don't die, and I often offer people I just healed a lollipop to feel better with. Sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming with a bunch of people rushing in on the brink of death, but I feel like I can keep cool quite well and prioritize my treatment to make sure that everyone gets out alive instead of just fully healing one person then moving onto the next dying person, as that runs the risk of having people die while they wait.

I'll admit, I play this role probably the least. At one point in time, I played chemistry pretty regularly, but then the chemistry system was changed and I stopped playing it as much. Nowadays, I can't say that I have everything memorized perfectly, but I can pretty quickly get various useful medical chems out if medbay needs them. In artlab, I know what everything does and when I should just flush an artifact away to prevent disaster. I know how to calibrate the telesci teleporter and find different adventure zones that people might be interested in exploring, and I do so somewhat regularly. Toxins is something I can do pretty well due to my experience in engineering. Burns is my go-to character for when I play research nowadays, and I mostly just focus on exploring adventure zones. All in all, I can do any part of science decently, but I'm hardly the best at any of them. 

Other roles:
I don't often play civilian roles, or command roles aside from Chief Engineer, but I do know my way around them as well. As HoP, I'm active and try to engage with the crew as a whole to make it a more enjoyable experience while not handing out excess access to people who might abuse it and make Sec's life harder. When I play chef I have a few fun dishes that I like to make and set out for the crew, though if anyone requests something then I can make it quickly. As a janitor, obviously I know how to clean things, but I also like to get Botany to grow me some flowers, which I then hand out to the crew if they want it. In botany, I try to make sure I'm sending the kitchen anything they request, and send the excess over to cargo to help out with the budget a little.  

As an antagonist, I definitely struggle a bit. I've always had this little bit of anxiety in trying to walk the line of being an effective antagonist and having it still be fun for the people I'm playing with. I actually started playing security in the first place so that I can get a better grasp on what kind of antagonist I enjoyed playing with so that I could emulate it in my own way when I'm not playing security. Most of the time, I tend to lean more towards the "don't be aggressive enough" side, and end up being a sort of ineffective antagonist. I feel like it's better to err on the side of caution in my case, as I'd hate to ruin someone's round, but I'm certainly trying to break out of my shell more and do big antagonist things that are still fun for everyone.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): No bans that I recall, a couple of warnings.

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