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[MERGED PR] Makes security slots scale at lower population
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About the PR
Makes security officer slots scale down from 5 at 60 players to 3 at 20 players, counted as players readied at roundstart and then all living + dead players who are not in cryo afterwards.
Also makes security assistant slots scale down from 3 to 2 over the same population interval.

Why's this needed?
On lower population RP shifts it's not uncommon to have an overwhelming amount of security officers for 1 or 2 antagonists, this PR aims to reduce that a little bit while still allowing full security teams on more populated rounds.


(*)Security officer and assistant job slots are now reduced at lower populations.

This is a very good change even for classic, where full security team on lowpop is extremely oppressive meaning that there's very little room for antagonists to do their evil deeds.
This feels a little tricky to me: I've been an sole antag with a full sec team, HoS, and NTSO, and I felt way to intimidated to act, which isnt fun for anyone. But I've also seen sole antags deal massive damage to the station where a big sec team is warranted. I like the idea of NTSO and HoS lowering future sec openings but not stopping them from joining.

An idea I had was that one could count the number of dead people in the round, and open up more sec slots if its high.
Lowpop really doesn't need more than three officers, in my opinion. If a lone antagonist has reached the point where they need a full team to deal with them, it's usually because they were allowed to snowball with little to no resistance. I have really only seen this in cases where there was maybe one (if you're lucky) extremely passive officer. Besides, it's not the end of the world if the bad guys win every once in a while.
I'm willing to see how this plays out on a live test. If it becomes a problem, we can talk about other solutions then.
Big fan of this change. I’ve always been a bit iffy about the antag scaling on low pop, and the fact that the sec team can be as large as they want makes it so much worse. Goon 1 tends to have a lot of sec players, even when there aren’t many people online.
Hell yes; we've needed this for a long time
Good for rp bad for classic
I honestly doubt it will have much effect on classic, at ~20 pop you don't see more than 3 secoffs anyway.
(03-03-2024, 02:22 PM)LeahTheTech Wrote: I honestly doubt it will have much effect on classic, at ~20 pop you don't see more than 3 secoffs anyway.

If that's the case, I think it would be cool to try out
(03-03-2024, 11:29 AM)Cal Wrote: Good for rp bad for classic

Agree since classic has many chaos and can be very harmful than RP antag I have see Ling speedrun 20 crew in around 5-10 minute even we have 2-3 sec
(03-04-2024, 12:21 AM)meaow589 Wrote:
(03-03-2024, 11:29 AM)Cal Wrote: Good for rp bad for classic

Agree since classic has many chaos and can be very harmful than RP antag I have see Ling speedrun 20 crew in around 5-10 minute even we have 2-3 sec

Like Leah said I really don't think this is going to make much of a difference if you only have 20 players on it's unusual for there to even want to be more than 3 or so security officers joining anyways
I dunno how i think about this. I thinknit should be more assistants controlled and hos ans ntsc should remove a sec.late join slot.

I feel alot of the issue comes down TOO secass. Where younhave seasoned sec or HoS joining as secasses which is basically the same as an officer in application.
3 officers for 50 people seems kinda low, why not have 3 at 20, 4 at 35 or 40 and 5 at 60
After observing a bit how rounds go with this PR testmerged (and being entirely not biased, being the one who proposed it), I must say I really like how it is playing out currently, especially after the highcap has been lowered from 60 to 50.

However I would like to propose a couple amendments to it:

- Firstly I think that the secass minimum should be lowered to 1 at 20 pop, since having 6 possible members of sec (+ the HoS) at 20 pop is still somewhat too much in my opinion.

- Secondly, in regards to , instead of taking up a slot, but only in the event that all slots are not already filled, which feels a bit too random for me, I would suggest that the NTSC simply has no slot at all under a certain threshhold (40-45 pop seems fair to me), but a guaranteed one above that, since it's a role mainly designed to help HoSii in highpop stressful rounds.
However if, understandably, you would prefer to keep the NTSCs at lower pops, I propse that under a certain pop level NTSC would be made available only if there is an empty secoff slot, filling said slot should the NTSC join, however above a certain pop level (40-45 pop again seems fair), NTSC gets a guaranteed slot like it used to have before.

- Finally, I would also advocate for lowering the max secass cap to 2 instead of 3 in general, or ideally people that have a very high amount of rounds in sec souldn't be able to join as secass at all, but that may be a balance change that should be done outside of this PR.
I have had two rounds with this new system and they have been kind of rough, though I will give it some more time since those rounds may have been unusual in the amount of issues that popped up. 
The rounds I have been in there has simply not been enough officers to handle situations, which has led to a lot of seeming frustration as people have been screaming for officers to handle things when everyone is already occupied. There has simply not been time to RP with people as two others have called for help while I have been working on the first one. 

I am not sure how the slot system works, but I did have one round with one officer (I think one or two officers went into cryo) and myself as an assistant, on around 40-pop with three antags and numerous non-antag calls. It was quite stressful.

I will give it some time, since again I may just have had poor luck and ended up in high-stress rounds with low security coverage. I am definitely Security'd out for today though.


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