Butter Scotch's HoS Application
Usual character names: Butter Scotch, Codename Gamma
BYOND username: Keiiro
Discord username (if you are on our discord): Pathophobia
Recommended by (if applicable): N/A
Goon servers you play: Mainly RP 3

Reason for application:
Head of Security is a role that has the trust and resources to guide the momentum of the round forward for everyone. It is a role that helps silly gimmicks flourish and be fun for everyone. But they also ensure that the security team maintains a consistent level of excellence. Preventing and mediating unfair and negative experiences with or within security.

I would be delighted to be part of this role in the community. I love to teach new security members, and guiding the team when possible. Having this role would give me more tools for doing that and (Most importantly) keeping security fun for everyone involved.

Security experience (300 word minimum):
My security experience extends back to when I began playing. It started in classic as a security officer (Yup! I skipped assistant …) And, yes; I did a speedrun record on harmbattoning myself.My mistake made me feel so embarrassed and anxious. However, a helpful borg noticed I was new and assisted me in learning. Which allowed me to feel confident about joining as an assistant next shift. Safe to say, I only learned more and more from there.

Eventually, and out of curiosity, I made the switch from Classic to RP. It took me a long while to get used to the new environment. When I did though, I enjoyed taking the role of security officer there. One thing I noticed since then is that you never stop learning. Security. Being a social role, you can always continue sharpening your interpersonal skills.

On the topic of communication, I used to fixate on the main screen and overlooked the radio. It does not help that I am usually shy and therefore I did not communicate very often.
I believe I have improved on those regards now and can hold communications in chaotic shifts. I think now that you cannot overstate something in security communications. Asking about things you may have missed and doing sitreps frequently is never bad and keeps a team coordinated.

A valuable skill to have, especially for dealing with minor issues between the crew. If a fight breaks out, I step in to mediate and calm down the situation. Then speak to them, searching the best resolution for the problems at hand. This same concept applies to sentencing, where cooperating with security results in a reduced sentence or none, depending on the crime.

I have found delegating tasks my preferred way to lead, which helps a lot keeping security organized and makes sure everyone is involved. I also try giving guidance whenever I can, especially during chaotic situations. Accepting responsibility for the rest of the team and taking criticism gracefully is hard, yet, essential for being a Head of Security. I have faith I improved in that last regard over the years.

One thing has always remained the same since I started. I love teaching new members of security. Seeing fresh faces and being able to give them a warm welcome to security always makes me happy. I strive to be the mentor that borg was to me, when I started, to other players when they start.

Answer two or more of the following:
What advice would you give to other sec players?

I could provide countless tips, and essential ones like 'communication' are always good. But some advice I think it's important:
Be mindful of other people's fun!
The game is way more enjoyable when everyone is having fun. This does not mean to release an antag when execution is overdue. Instead, try to making their death unique and memorable. SS13 is a social game, use your best judgement!
Always keep learning and improving!
Nobody starts at anything with complete knowledge of how it works. It is a learning experienced, and in this case, one that we get to share. There is no shame in making mistakes, as long as you learn from them!
Take a break when you need one!
Security is a silly game role; don't feel pressured to continue playing if you are feeling bad. We all get overwhelmed or burnout from time to time. It's healthy to take a breather and helps avoid negative feelings from leaking into the game.

What was one of your favorite security moments? (Either playing as a sec officer or interacting with one):
One shift when I was playing detective, and a headspider got into me. I rushed medbay, but it was too late … Unexpectedly; the process bugged, and I was turned into the control changeling. I never bothered trying changeling, so, my first ever round as changeling happened because of that … While surrounded by security and medical doctors.

I stung the officers, and they played along, which allowed me to make a quick escape. Somehow, I avoided detection and absorbed someone else with what time I had left. Because of that, I warmed up to changeling and now have it enabled.

What game improvements or changes do you think would benefit security players?
I will be unoriginal and echo that any alerts sent from PDA should have a responding button that alerts the sender and the group channel of everyone going!It would make for easier organization for both security and the one who sent out the alert. It could even be used more effectively as a distraction or trap by antags by knowing who is heading there!

Answer one or more of the following fun questions (because it's important for the HoS to be fun):
Write a poem to convey your thoughts on security/NanoTrasen/space/bees/anything related to SS13.

Coffee and donuts on hand
Keep the station safe is today's plan

Printout of what may lurk around:
Pirates may be in station ground
Threat of an abomination
Traitors infiltrate the workstation

None of that, it was the clown.
I was slipped; Officer down!

What's a security gimmick that you've ran or wanted to run?
I'd like to one day run a security pod training day, where we go over the basics in pods and pod equipment. Teaching how to drive them efficiently and best practices!I also remember, long ago, one round where the HoS prayed for us to turn all into pugs. We were the K-9 unit; it was my first experience being a pug, and I loved it. If I could, I would like to repeat that gimmick … But with the Bingus unit.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will):
No bans that I am aware of, but a couple of warnings in the past.
I have played a few rounds with Keiiro and they are a very competent officer. They communicate well and seem to delegate well, too. They are not selfish, and give others opportunity to do things. Them being on security is always a good sight to see.
So, I think they'd do well being a HoS.
Butter Scotch is an officer I have played rounds with. They've been a good teammate to work with. They've shown the ability to communicate to the team when they're responding to a call effectively and is quite informative but not overwhelming when teaching new players. They also give praises when they're due which is always appreciative being acknowledged.
easy +1
Very reliable officer, not afraid to take leadership. Gives sensible sentences and fun to be around with. Good communications, can't really ask for more.
Butters is the most helpful the most upbeat and one of the best security officers. While he may not be the most robust he has my full support for HoS. The amount of newbees he has trained is rivaled by few. +1
Good roleplayer and secoff, is always fair and goes along with gimmicks well. +1 (also pug HoS <3)
I've seen tons of positive behaviors and none negative i can think of...good player. Been putting themselves out there more too
Very easy +1 from me.

I've seen Butter Scotch MANY times now taking whole shifts helping adorable little newBEE SecAsses out, teaching them all the basics of security. Butter Scotch barrier courses are practically a common fixture! And they've clearly been trying to prepare for the HoS role by taking a directing role, herding the security cats, in the absence of the HoS. They seem pretty good at it!

They clearly really want it, take it seriously, and are giving it their all already to prepare themselves for the job.

I'd feel good baton'ing people under Butters.
Buts if very nice to have around. They do a fantastic job at training rookies and being pleasant to the team and crew. Im sure they would make a fine HoS
I rarely see you since i play exclusively on classic, but from what i've seen i believe you'll make for a great HoS. +1
definitely someone who’s consistently on their shit, reliable. fun to have around but still gets the job done. cant think of any complaints with the shifts we’ve ran together
Butters is a joy to have on the team. From playing with them both on Classic and Morty I can say Butters is one of those officers that really sticks out to me and makes the round better. Very friendly, is willing to train cadets who are in need and has an overall good attitude ingame. I think Butters would be a wonderful Head of Security! +1 from me!
Butter is one of the people I'm really happy to see on my team when I play sec. Positive, competent, extremely friendly, and just fun to be around in general. Even when I end up as antag, if it's Butter bringing me in I know that I'm gonna be treated fairly and respectfully. +1 from me
I don't really play security, but from the times I've listened in on sec frequency I've seen Butter Scotch be very active on comms and responsive. Including being responsive to active situations.

I've only seen Butter once or twice, because I mainly play on Goon4, but when I did observe them on 4 they were very active on the security radio and worked well with their other security coworker at the time. I can't speak much on the gameplay, but they were certainly responsive to called out situations in a manner that I think was totally reasonable. Just an all around good face to see on sec, judging by the other comments, and given I've only actually seen them a couple of times because of the different servers, leaving that good impression already is a plus in my books!

+1 from me!

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