Jonaleia/Arcas mentor app
Usual character name: Arcas Lake-Younger (and AI/cyborgs BL NK and ARCADIAN)
BYOND username: Jonaleia
Discord username: junori
Recommended by: no one in particular
Goon servers you play: 3, sometimes 1

Reason for application + game experience: My main reason for applying, while a bit not-mentorship-related, is I would like to help out with events and planning and whatnot. Perhaps my reasoning could be a bit misguided, and I do like helping people but its not my main reason for applying for mentor. You can help people without being a mentor. I do it every day, really, so the reason I want to apply I feel has to be something different. And I am very interested in event planning, management, etcetera. I would like to help out in that regard in any way I can as well. I would also like to help with making Goonstation more accessible, as someone with sound sensitivities and some visual sensitivities I would like to learn and contribute and use this information to help with event making and planning. 

As for experience, I have ~2600 hours on this station and am capable of doing every job at the minimum. My main experience comes in the form of silicon and medical, though I know plenty about engineering as well. I was a medical director main, as well as an AI/cyborg main for a long time.

For medical, as previously stated, I was an MDir main for a lot of time. I also mained robotics, and still come back to it, as well as being a certified genefiend. I know the most about medical over any other department hands down.

I moved onto engineering, then being a CE main as well. I know how to start every engine, am capable of teaching (which I have to several players), and can run them at pretty high efficiency. Mechanics is difficult for me to wrap my head around, and I understand the basics of packets in which I could likely relay such information to others. 

Research, I understand chemistry and can work the new system well enough to teach another if need be. I haven't played much research recently or been given the chance to, however. Telescience, I can explain how to work the computer, although secret content (while I do know) I cannot help with for obvious reasons. Toxins, I have basic knowledge of, and artifact science is what I most excel in. 

Civilian departments, I was a janitor main for a fair bit of time. Also a ranching main, I achieved every chicken besides golden chickens (because the process is tedious...) and I know how botany and splicing works, as well as some knowledge into genomes and more tedious splices. Bartending and chef, while mostly being "wiki" jobs, are also something I know pretty well. Mostly because they *are* "wiki" jobs.

I was a secmain, and at one time considered applying for HoS, but I am more of a casual security player as I've realised. Security, I feel, is something that's better taught by other officers and HoSii (in game), and not necessarily a mentor. I can help with the mechanical side of things, but a lot of security is "feeling" out the round to get a better judge of how to play through it, which just takes time and experience to get the sense for.

I've mained every command role for at least a week and have tried to mentor and teach those under me.

I have played every RP antag at least once, and have also spectated and played a fair few classic antags. I know the basics of all of them, and have extensive experience with changeling, vampire, traitor, spief, arcfiend, salvager, and gangs.

I prefer teaching in game (which is why I rarely, if ever, use the questions channel on discord, though I do plan on changing that) and take a hands-on approach to things while guiding other players. Recently, I have been playing mostly staff assistant to relax, which hasn't provided many opportunities to teach others. I understand if you haven't seen me mentor in game recently, and if I have the motivation to, I will try to find time to do roles where I can take others under my wing, so to speak. But for now you will have to take my word that I have taught many players about different things. Mainly engineering and medical related, though.

I admit, I have shown to have a bit of a temper in the past, but I've been trying to improve and I feel as though I have. I have been trying to redirect any negative feelings into ahelps with constructive information. This does not mean I am perfect, but I am trying. I gladly will point out my own shortcomings and what I am doing to try to improve them. Please, if you have a problem with me, do let me know and I will try to improve myself. I appreciate any criticism, and I will not be offended by any negative opinions or posts of me. I truly want to hear what you all think.

Previous bans: None on Goonstation*. I have received my fair share of warnings, though I like to think I've grown past those phases. *I was banned from Beestation for "ban evasion," which I have never played on the server previous to that event and have no intentions of appealing for as I simply do not care.
While it's not Junori's main reason for applying, I can certainly confirm that they seem to quite like offering people help and assistance. On more than one occasion during my time here so far, I've seen them offer assistance to others in-game, including myself. They even at one point taught me how to run the TEG on Atlas, and at multiple times have certainly made offers to give further in-depth engineering knowledge. My only real concern is something that Junori has already mentioned, their lack of out-of-game question answering through the questions channel. With that potentially being remedied in the future? I could certainly see this as a +1 from me.
Events are more so a perk of being a mentor than why you'd be a mentor, in my opinion. If you aren't applying to help people I'm not really sure if Mentoring would be your thing. That being said, I have seen you help out every so often and you're pretty friendly. Just ask yourself if you really want mentor to help people and I'd be able to give a pretty confident +1.
(02-25-2024, 10:46 AM)444explorer Wrote: Events are more so a perk of being a mentor than why you'd be a mentor, in my opinion. If you aren't applying to help people I'm not really sure if Mentoring would be your thing. That being said, I have seen you help out every so often and you're pretty friendly. Just ask yourself if you really want mentor to help people and I'd be able to give a pretty confident +1.

I did explain in my reasoning that I do enjoy helping people, but it feels particularly cheap to list that as a reason for wanting to apply (at least for me personally, others can have that be the reason for applying), since you don’t need to be a mentor to help people. I do want to be a mentor to help people, yes. Apologies for not making that completely clear /gen. I simply felt as though there needs to be more reason than just that.
I've seen Junori playing in just about every department, and they've proven their knowledge time and time again, no matter the situation, and the few times I've had to ask for their help they've been an amazing guide. I'm confident that they would make an excellent addition to the mentor team. +1
Yes! Junori has been a massive help to me in the past, especially regarding some less than clear knowledge about various engines, engineering stuff, medical, and even science (which is my least played department). They're a helpful, friendly face, and I know if I do have any ad hoc questions about simple things we're working on together, I can pop in LOOC and ask. As mentioned, I've not seen them in the questions channel much before the app was posted, but boy are they reversing that now! They've been busy in there! +1 from me!
Arcas has my vote, for sure. +1
Junori, or Arcas, is someone who I have seen more and more present in the Goonstation Discord server in the Questions, spoiler, and the general chat for RP answering questions people have. One point I'd like to make is that they are also not afraid to ask a question on how to do something themselves when they don't know or need clarification. During rounds, Junori has shown to be approachable for questions/advising while maintaining RP. I know they have even helped me quite a bit with things. Just one quick example is that I'll sometimes ask if a gimmick for an antag seems fun since I know they're experienced. My last point is that Junori does not display any frustration when teaching someone who isn't particularly grasping it immediately.

Juno is very present in the discord, and in ss13-questions, and Arcas Lake-Younger is always a welcome sight in any security team. I don't think anyone could accuse them of not knowing their stuff. +1 from me.
Juno is consistently a really nice and helpful person both in and out of game! I don't see them all too much in game anymore because I haven't been playing as often and we're usually in different departments when I am online, but I have never had a bad experience with them! I still need them to teach me Engineering at some point too...

I appreciate Juno's honesty in their app, saying they want to help with event planning and believe they can still teach even without being a Mentor, which is definitely true for pretty much everyone that is able to teach. But I still think their app should've still focused primarily on the need to teach, as that is overall what a Mentor's main duty is at the end of the day. Event planning is just a bonus.

However, that's just a VERY small gripe. I still have 100% confidence that Juno will be an excellent Mentor. They've not given me any reason to doubt otherwise.

Ask yourself this, if we don't make Juno a mentor, who will teach the newbees how to have a bath in a filthy brig bathroom using a bottle of water?

Nobody, that's who.

+1, for the stinky newbees.
+1 from me. also friendly, positive n knowledgeable. go for it
I personally have never seen a bad interaction from juno, and witnessed modtly good. A friendly presence. I would be happy to see her with it
Arcas is very pleasant to be around. Friendly, nice, and I've personally seen them help teach newer players in medbay before. Always nice to see them in a round.

+1 from me

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