Munches Paper HoS application attempt two
(sorry for the confusion- I did get permission to make a V2)
Usual character name:  Munches Paper 
BYOND username: Klushy225
Discord username (if you are on our discord): Klushy225
Recommended by (if applicable): kinda partial reccomendations from some people on discord(forget who)?
Goon servers you play: Goonstation 3, Morty  Morty

Reason for application: Becoming an HoS has been a long time goal of mine, even before I started playing with Munches. When there is an active HoS on the team, it alleviates much of the stress of disorganized chaos placed upon an already overworked and stressed out security team. Since the last application, I have put in much more time and effort into security, drastically boosting my confidence in my abilities. I can confidently say now that I am able to lead a team, and teach newer players. I think I’m also pretty good at lightening up the mood a bit in security :p . I really enjoy and admire the dynamic between HoS and the crew, and the way they interact with each other. My last attempt was kind of on a whim, which I am angry at myself for doing, as when I posted my first attempt, I was most definitely not ready for the position. However, now I am sure that I am ready.

Security experience (300 word minimum): I have been playing security for about a year and change, as a few different characters. In the past few months, however, security has become one of the only roles I play(other than a bit of bomb making in science hehe) as my beloved Munches. Over the past few months, I have strived to improve as much as I can at security, putting many hours in and learning many lessons. I have come to know many regular faces in security, and I now feel like I really belong. I try to be a more laid back officer, while still being able to put down my foot when the situation calls for it. I see my role in security as more than just catching antags, but more so making the experience fun for everyone in the round. That means responding in silly ways to silly gimmicks, instead of just arresting someone because I know they're an antag, since they’re using antag gear to look like a fish. But that also means trying my best to arrest an active shooter in Medbay, as that is considerably less silly and calls for a much more serious reaction.

     When there is no HoS, or when there is an HoS that is okay with me stepping up a bit, I try to direct the team to utilize the resources available to us more efficiently. I also am usually the trainer of new recruits in the team, allowing the other officers to respond to calls and do their jobs. When I train a rookie in security, I try my best to be as comprehensive as possible without seeming boring. If I have two or more recruits at the same time, I’ll often have them perform mock arrests on each other to learn the basics of hand-to-hand combat and their equipment. A concern that I brought up in my last application was escalation. I believe that my situational awareness has improved, and so has my intuition when it comes to space law. It is now common for the HoS to trust me to make the right decision when it comes to sentencing, particularly bad crimers, be it exile, borging, or straight-up execution. I try to decide based on the amount of times they have been caught and processed, the severity of their crimes, and their willingness to improve and cooperate. I try my absolute best to only resort to such extreme options when necessary, and when the rest of the security team and heads agree. This skill is useful in the absence of both an HoS and a semi-functional and sober captain.

   My introduction to security was that of a typical security assistant training. I think we are on opposite schedules now, but when I first started playing security, Charles Fallare was a common sight in the team. He taught me most of what I know about security, and the rest I learned on the job. I doubt he remembers me, as I was playing as a different character and I didn't play nearly as much as I do now back then. Over time I have grown to be a capable officer, who admittedly does make mistakes from time to time. I try my best to learn from those mistakes. Over the past few months, I have gone from an officer who rarely makes an arrest and is generally useless, to a communicative one who is quick to respond to calls, and fun to be around. (well at least I hope I'm fun to be around, I try and make Munches a very approachable character)

Answer two or more of the following:
  • What advice would you give to other sec players? What I tell to the rookies I train and what I would tell to other officers seeking advice is(keep in mind I’m pretty much exclusively an rp player)- 

  • 1- leave a little room for silly stuffspace goose As mentioned above, if someone decides to use a chameleon cloaker to look like a fish, you shouldn’t arrest them for technically just being an antag. That’s not cool!
  • 2- Interact with the crew!  Boogiebot Just because the round is slow, that doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Go out and get some breakfast at the beginning of the shift, go on a silly segway adventure throughout the station, go on a quest for the ultimate donut, try and do a botany sting operation, arrest all the monkeys on the station so StirStir has friends, help people out, make some friends of your own! Our job is to facilitate the flow of the round, and that can be done through enforcement and interaction.
  • 3- INCREASE THE FONT SIZE!!!! queen greater domestic space-bee This may not apply to everyone, but if the radio is going really fast, and  you’re in the middle of a really hectic situation, you may not have time to find what’s relevant and read the radio. It’s a simple solution, but increasing the font size makes you focus on what’s happening right now, instead of like, ten minutes ago. It’s helpful to just be able to glance at the radio, see what’s happening, and return to what’s happening around you.

  • What was one of your favorite security moments? (Either playing as a sec officer or interacting with one) 
    My favorite memory from security(more so than the listening post one from last time) was eating a meal with the traitor at the space diner. The detective and I responded to an emergency alert at the space diner, only to be met with a man in a suit and tie sitting at a table with two plates of spaghetti in the observatory. The man was the one we had been searching for most of the shift- wanted for murder and a few other crimes. He asked me to sit down, and eat with him. The detective and I whispered to each other, and I sat down. I had my hand on the taser, ready to pull it out in an instant. The man and I had a tense dinner, him trying his best to assure me that it wasn’t poisoned. Eventually the detective remembered he had a reagent scanner, and found out that my “tea” was welding fuel. The moment the detective said it, the man pulled out a gun and bolted. I got shot pretty badly, barely managing to get the cuffs on him before I collapsed. 

  • What game improvements or changes do you think would benefit security players?
          Let us glue hats to wigs. Please. Lizards want to wear hats too- it’s integral to the                     security fashion. (maybe I’ll try and code that hehe) 

Answer one or more of the following fun questions (because it's important for the HoS to be fun):
My art wall!!!!!!!!!  
[Image: y8EzIe8NIvoyC_l8T8CLntoUkFI5t8WhaZOILo8l...8Y2kg2UYFI][Image: LsgZGJBSYRlG1RURbySxKccabn90o0_058IxRcad...8LOCysXCss]
What Munches will look like if she gets HoS^              What Munches looks like now ^
Her arm is gone, since she is an explosion magnet(if she gets HoS, that arm's coming off in celebration hehe)
no I totally didn't forget the tail- it's just, uh, obscured. yeah.
[Image: rHzYmkpg8ecPHb8g_Ar0bcQJWo6aQlyQ2T9wBECk...oq63JnNKtM]
Brainstorming a new character for HoS(maybe I'll play her, maybe I wont idk. Who knows, Audrey might come back hehe)
(also please disregard my horrible attempt at cursive handwriting, I don't actually know how to write cursive)
[Image: cpLiDQFlaY5sCu6juQW6Bu92p9wuYKnZf1IQCycZ...9K6-MFFzr8]
The chef and Mr. Muggles spending quality time together - the botanist smoking while the chef screams at them over the radio
[Image: nIstbQVGdc9K0X_Xe2ejkSaqt0dSOK6aTqEMHtAE...5qpEJJDxWI]
^This is how I imagine my brother looking in 30 years or something(not 50 haha)^ 
[Image: zBOr7jCt67SSOwd_ETjQbfCf8AzbheBVJSXidOGn..._eXPH7jElA]
Here we have a VERY happy clown, and a ling leg ^^^
Also, side note, I'm happy to draw characters! for free ofc, I just like to draw
(yes, my handwriting is terrible. I have dysgraphia haha)

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): 
One warning, no bans. I try my best to follow the rules 

to clarify- the last one didn't get denied, I asked for it to be taken down so I could post this one instead. sorry for the confusion, and to those who already replied. The last one was rushed, and I wanted to put more effort into it than I did.
Munches do seem a lot more confident on security job, and ive been seeing them training rookies a lot lately (while being fun, which is SO nice), helping to lead the nerds around to have a well paced security response on the rounds. They do have a nice notion when to step up or step down, and when they step down and let others do things while keeping communication going and the team updated, i do see a very hossi attitude on them.
Also holy shit your drawings are so nice!!!! Cant wait to meet Fij!
two things I'd like to add to this(can't edit appeals-)
1- I tried coding the hair thing. dear lord that was a nightmare, I might try and tackle it again later
and more importantly
2- I realize that my performance lately hasn't been the best- sorry about that to anybody observing me. I've been really stressed lately, and I'll often come home completely exhausted and try to play a round. Usually, it doesn't end too well. So another thing I'd like to tell fellow officers- take care of yourself. Playing sec well requires a lot of focus at times, and sometimes that amount of attention required just isn't there. It's better to take care of yourself, maybe play slightly less, and perform much better than to overwork yourself, perform not as well, and not take care of yourself properly. And do remember that when all is said and done, it's a game, not your life. Also, just another sorry to those who commented on the last application- Like I said, I felt that one was rushed, and because you can't really edit these, I decided to ask an admin to delete the last one so I can make a new one.
I've seen Klushy do some awesome work as secoff, coordinate teams on pretty bad rounds and teach new players. Pretty confident they'll be a great HoS!
I watercolored the drawing I did of Munches. Still has a couple of washes to go, but it's at least presentable. < imgr link

also, thanks for the replies <3
I'd be down with a Munches HoS! I've had several shifts with munches, and she's consistently communicative over comms. Sec radio is one of my favourite parts of the job since it's always going to be a mix of team banter and a relay of important information, and Munches provides both in equal measure. I also find her engaging with various gimmicks on station rather frequently, while still contributing to the security workforce, so that's always great.

She's also beaten me to the punch on training rookies from time to time! Recently had a round where a sec assistant mentioned her by name for training them. Seemed like they had a great experience. +1 from me!
Munches is a good officer and would make a fine HoS.
In the rounds I have shared with Munches there are three strong senses I see from them:
1. Communication of pertinent information for cases when it's a fast pace moment.
2. Delight in training new security personnel.
3. How to have fun given any situation (I still remember that round you lost your hair), but never letting it get in the way of doing the job.

Munches has grown a lot in the time I first met them to now and I have seen how they've incorporated advise and critiques into improving themselves in action, which is important in security. Munches has my confidence in being a being able to be a capable HOS.
Munches seem capable enough to be HOS and all though I haven't seen them as much due to my own inactivity, I haven't had anything but good experiences. +1
Thank you all! <3
From the few rounds I've had Munches around, I've nothing negative to add. They integrate well into the team, do solid work as an officer and are communicative. I've not ever seen them lead anyone or take charge, but that's not to say they haven't, just that I haven't seen it.
I have consistently come into rounds either spectating or as HoS and noticed Munches leading the team through respectful communication, fairly dealing with situations, and helping usher other team members into making decisions where the team has gotten paralyzed by the chaos of a round. After rounds, I have personally watched them refrain from any negative behavior towards other players such as complaining about specific people's actions during a particularly rough round even when others had gotten caught up in it. To me this showed a degree of maturity which is invaluable to the role. When there are things that they struggled with such as particularly straining rounds I noticed that they keep good track of themselves and do not push themselves beyond their limits choosing instead to disengage to calm their mind which I also thought was very good behavior to see in an applicant. Overall, I think Munches entirely capable performing well as a HoS/NTSC given how skilled they are in the matters that the roles require and their stellar track record so far. Very easy +1 from myself.

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