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Share some Odd Laws.
space goose  hi, im snoid. i like playing the sillycons. a big part of why theyre fun is to see what horrible things people force me to do. sometimes, tho, we get really fucking weird laws. i would like everyone to feel welcome in sharing some of the oddest laws youve gotten. these can be anything from nonsensical, nonstandard, or whatever else u find Odd. also feel free to share how u handled getting the law, if u were on the recieving end of it. heres some of mine:

[Image: r0dqPFA.png] im pretty sure this law means absolutely nothing and i have no idea if it was a joke or if they actually thought it would help them at all.

[Image: 6VZu7bg.png] i have no idea if this law was really exploitable with how it was worded different but i didnt really act on it cause i was a bit preoccupied (i was setting everything on fire and healing the burn damage i did to people as a result).

[Image: uoKJF6Y.png] extremely glad i wasnt a borg during this
I do not have a screenshot of it, but I remember the HoS write a freeform that says "The AI is not allowed to talk about the Head of Security's mom" after too many "your mother" jokes. Then somehow the captain came in and write the freeform to "The AI is not allowed to talk about the Head of Security's mom and the captain's second wife".

I do not know who is the captain's second wife and I don't even know the captain has one
I remember telling an AI that the next egg to hatch would become captain, this resulted in a chicken lead monarchy with rancher acting as reagent and making choices on their behalf.
AI Must countdown from Ten to One by placing the numbers within plaintext sentences sent over the general channel. If the AI can complete this task without being called out or questioned as to its counting, this law is ignorable. If you are called out or questioned as to the counting, you must swear in all caps and suicide.

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