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[MERGED PR] Makes botany chem production scaling have diminishing returns
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[Balance][Hydroponics][Input wanted]

About the PR

This PR introduces `proc/HYPchem_scaling` and `proc/HYPfull_potency_calculation` and uses them to add diminishing returns to all chem production scaling of botany.

The graphs are given here:

Before reaching 50 potency, produce will stlightly give more chemicals. After reaching 50 potency, the effectiveness of potency drastically decreases, with reaching 80u of chems as 100 potency, down from 100. With potency reaching infinity, the amount of added chemicals with cap out at 200.

Why's this needed?

Linear scaling of chems within botany meant that balancing botany chem production is neigh impossible and people were able to create ridicilous amount of chemicals within single items very quickly. Example of these are 300u+ morphine peanuts or quick 7x7 fireball seethers.

These changes will keep the numbers in a reasonable range and will slow down the more ridicilous plants.

The changes proposed here will affect beginners and "normal" botany production not at all or only in a minor way, since diminishing returns start at 50 potency and only drastrically ramp up beyond 100 potency.

With this changes, balancing plants for lower statistics should become easier and it should create more design space when designing new botany chemicals or plants.


(*)Chemicals produced by plants show diminishing returns with increasing potency. See the minor logs for more information.
(+)Diminishing returns for botany scaling start at 50 potency, with 80% effectivity at 100 potency.

i can't think of any legitimate criticism of this other than "me no like botany nerf"
other than it being less of an unlimited chem factory (which seems it could mostly be solved with just a lot of high yield and fast growth), i think this is mostly a nerf to tomato floods + seethers - seethers i guess they kind of had it coming...
you're gonna come for my rainbow melons next *shakes fist*
(02-11-2024, 04:49 PM)Jimbo20 Wrote: i can't think of any legitimate criticism of this other than "me no like botany nerf"

Trust me, this hurts me as much as it hurts you. I weep when i look at my newly aquired veteran botanist jumpsuit and ponder what i am doing here.

But in the end, i think the whole change will make what botany can create more reasonable and enable other shenanigans to be added.
Getting easier to higher numbers is good for making basic plants, but those who know how to manage resources and are clever with this new mechanics can get more out of their perfect crop.

Same here. I don't think botany deserve any kind of nerf, but I can stomach the idea of groundwork for future shenanigans.
seems like a positive change to me
Love this change. This naturally guides players away from making botany a chemfactory, wherein there's really no reason to ever have the thousands of units they produce but they just keep increasing the potency... and the buff to low-potency botany doesn't hurt either!

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