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Clown appplication (emotional)!!)
Usual Clown name: Flips and DIES 
BYOND username: Troondool
Recommended by (if applicable): the shapes in the shadows. jons the catte    Mysterious happenings!

Goon servers you play: The one named after that possum Morty

Clowning Experience:

Answer one or more of the following: WHAT ABOUT A GOOGLE SLIDE UUUUUUH?? (made with Love heart '(<33333))) !!!!)

Breaking News Developing... Nanotracen approved  Breaking News Developing...
gret clwon, big funnies +++1
This is BY FAR The best Clown APp i have ever seen. I have also Seen Flips and Dies a lot and they are the best clown ive seen in ages.

Bamboozle Infinity
I don't play on RP but this application crashed my browser. +1
I've never seen this person in my entire life. +∞
literally who? they're always dead.

(i love flips and the slideshow is immaculate in the eyebleeding, middle school kid learning microsoft office for the first time in 2004 vibe. please i'm begging, give this one a degree +1)
this application actually made me cry it was so beautiful
I have checked, it is not a virus. 10/10 would click a random link that the clown send to me
truly a rollercoaster of emotions!!! The slideshow looks just like something found in a USB stick on the burger king bathroom floor- IT'S PERFECT!!!

+ 2.998 * (10^8) m/s
Flips and Dies is a fantastic clown who pays attention to all departments and uses a WIDE range of approaches and tactics to get laughs. They're creative, energetic, upbeat, and a perfect representation of who we should be hiring for our clown positions. Im shocked to learn they do not already have their diploma -- certify this clown!

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