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The relevance of Extended rounds on RP
I honestly do like extended rounds for the fact that there is not a massive overarching threat. You get the chance to mess with mechanics, have character moments, do harmless gimmicks without the threat (so much) of being eaten, exploded, shot or mauled. I do like it when admins use them to run gimmicks, even if they're small, but I like them anyways. Like the quiet days on the starship enterprise.

I do remember suggesting that they could be player-triggered- how, I've no real idea.

BUT OBVIOUSLY if you have too many shifts in a row like that it's going to suck. I don't think they should be able to happen multiple times in a row.
I'm a big fan of extended shifts. Their weakness, though, is that there's no designated person to initiate activities. Just about everything players do in-game is player-initiated, but antags have a special mantle of expectation they bear to cause conflicts that create events and, if all goes well, tell a story. Without that designated role, a round can stagnate, especially if nobody takes charge and does something interesting.

The issue (one that I think has gotten worse since the way to tell if a round is Extended was removed) is that player attention is limited. Holding a big presentation on how to run the ABCU runs the risk of an antagonist interrupting it halfway through. At the same time, an antagonist might have significantly less crew to bounce off of if half of them are all in one room watching a presentation. I sure wouldn't want to plan a big event just for it to get grifed 4 no raisin.

Extended might benefit from an "event organizer" role-- the anti-antag of the gamemode. Something where they know they have "control" over the round, in a sense-- no need to worry about antags. Maybe their objectives are to throw a dinner, or lead an azone expedition, or hold a contest; like an antag role, they can choose to ignore it if they want. Could even implement a conspiracy-like team system or something (though I don't think that would work out).

Definitely agreed that there should never be consecutive Extended rounds, though, that sucks so bad when that happens.
event organizer is such a good idea, and honestly should probably be available in regular rounds as well. While it is annoying to plan things to have them griefed, it can also be funny. like when I sewed guns to my arms, accidentally shot myself in the head by twirling my gun trying to impress the HoS, and became YEEHAW the gun safety cyborg. I held a gun safety presentation at the bar, only for it to erupt in a gunfight, while I was screaming at people to be safe with guns.
While the event organizer is a good idea to keep rounds going, it also seems like the job of... everyone?

Literally anyone has the capability to do something interesting and gather a crowd for it. Any command member could run a training event or a department event. Civilians all have the swing sign for a reason, because they can all do something in the bar or the chapel or the botany/rancher desk or anywhere else open. Science has tele-sci, though of course you could maybe find ways to make the other systems more interesting by making fun pills and showing off artifacts in fun ways. The Clown. Just them alone. And idunno, you could probably do something with medical if you tried. Install some bike horns in the clown's chest!

An event organizer to me feels like a staple-gun solution to people not doing anything interesting. We have so many roles that have such capability to make interesting rounds. I've hosted events as Captain, chaplain, bartender, chef, etc. I didn't need to be an "Event Guy" to host an event. I'm also aware that sometimes you'll have rounds where just no one bites to your gimmick or you die before you can do it, and I think that's just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. I encourage those who have that happen to not be discouraged and keep trying, but I also encourage anyone who passes by these events to make an effort to interact with people who seem to be trying to do something fun. Don't get too sucked in, there will be another round!

I'll say I know this is all easier said than done. Some days you just don't feel like being the center of attention or putting in a lot of effort at risk of losing all the effort to death. And I also think extended should probably be rarer, or at least non-consecutive. It's just from what I've seen in discussion occasionally in Discord that some think this game is just completely boring if a round doesn't have an antag, but I also think there's so many underutilized mechanics that people can use to facilitate interesting moments. That's just my few takes as someone who primarily plays civilian and captain. On a personal note, don't get attached too much to any ideas you have. SS13 is a goofy game where chances are you'll die randomly or have a vital piece of your gimmick stolen. Be ready to be malleable and remember that you can almost always do what you want to next round

Plus, if extended only had Event Organizer, that would be easy instant metagaming as you'd know it was extended by them joining.

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