Solenoid's Mentor Application!
Usual character name: Holly Helpful space bear
BYOND username: Solenoid
Discord username (if you are on our discord): hitormiss221
Recommended by (if applicable): N/A
Goon servers you play: 4, sometimes 3

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum):
I want to apply as a mentor to be able to offer more advice to more players. I love helping others learn new systems as Captain or Staff Assistant, and would like to be available to everyone who needs my help- not just whoever's with me in-round on 4, especially relating to more niche things that rarely come up in-round.

Probably my most played department! I have some moderate proficiency in Botany, enough to set up a fungus farm early on, infuse seeds to speed up mutation, etc. I've mastered Janitor, played Chaplain a few times, and don't know much about playing Rancher. However, where I excel is as a Chef or Bartender. I have a ton of the recipes memorized, and have developed various strategies to make bartending and cooking more efficient. I've cooked tons of cakes, made boxes and boxes of donuts, and plates of sushi for the masses.

Definitely my second most played department. I know what most commonly used medical chems do, can explain them others, and I have experience in all 3 medical departments. I've replaced hearts, done monkey-head transplants, created mechanical abominations, and turned a few people into borderline-superheroes with genes. Generally, I know my way around Medbay and can help anyone new figure it out too. 

Engineering is a department which I understand pretty well- especially the two non-engineer jobs. I can easily get the best mining tools and have no problem making bank in Cargo every shift, while Engineer itself is still a field where I'm honing my skills. I know how to make a teleporter network, conveyor systems, and MechComp gadgets, as well as run every engine, but I don't have the skills to get super high outputs from the TEG or Singularity(my record for the nuke reactor is probably somewhere around 30MW if I remember correctly). Generally, I could teach someone the core parts of anything in Engineering, and feel confident in my ability to do so.

Science is a hard one. I'm not a master, but I'm also not clueless. I haven't gotten much experience with the modern chemistry system, and don't know much about telesci, but I have some basic knowledge in toxins and can identify artifacts in artsci. I'm pretty rusty, but I could help someone cover the basics of most of the department for sure.

Command is a department I have a pretty good knowledge of. I struggle with the communications console if I can be wholly honest, but otherwise could give tips to other command players on how to engage the crew, fun gimmicks to run with as HoP, Captain, etc., and understand the responsibility that comes with being a command member in any of the game's departments and could communicate that to others if they needed advice.

Security is definitely my least-played department, just because it's a little too much for me. I can say that in my time playing, I have developed a general understanding of the mechanical end of security. I could probably answer questions about SecTrak, what various tools do, and etc. if I brushed up on it a bit. Again, I haven't played Security much, so it's probably my biggest weakspot.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): None, as far as I know. I do remember I got into trouble with the admins for my behavior back when I was newer, but I don't think I've ever got a ban for it and have changed a lot since then!
My interactions with Solenoid have always been positive, and their characters are always nice to interact with! Though it might just be my experience, I haven't seen them teach new players, which is something I'd like seeing more of. I can't +1 just yet, but I think there's potential and I wish you the best!
surprised there arent many replies. had nothing but good experiences with solenoid, makes an effort to reach out and create rp moments, generally helpful and good spirited. mentor material if there ever was any
From what I've observed when I was able to catch them in-game, they got great mentor vibes. Warm and pleasant and actively talks to lots of new different faces. Saw them spend a good chunk of a round teaching a lone botanist that asked for help over the radio. Went from going over splicing, to helping them with hotkeys and controls, how to detach skeleton limbs, all in a nice and patient manner.
I've had a few good chats both IC and OOC with Solenoid while playing. Super cool to be around regardless of the character and very considerate of the way their IC behavior can come across OOC. Notably, I remember them messaging me on discord post-round to ensure I knew that the bickering our characters did was not done out of OOC spite. It never came across that way anyways, but the fact that they checked and made sure I knew afterward was a great touch. I've seen them take care to help out newer players as well as experienced ones with both the basics and slightly less obvious mechanics.

I've also seen them take an early death as an antag in stride with a positive outlook, which I think is a hugely positive trait that can be overlooked at times. There was no complaining to be heard of in ghost chat or post round, despite the circumstances being a little frustrating even just while I was observing.

+1 from me!
Haven't ever seen Holly Helpful in game personally (most likely due to timezone differences) but I've spoken with Sol on many an occasion in the discord. Very level-headed and knowledgable from what I've seen. Tentative approval, but I don't think I know you well enough to comment in more detail. That said, nothing stands out as a red flag or a negative point either.
Always positive and helpful (as per her character's name), Solenoid would make a great mentor. In fact if I had heard that they were going to be putting an application up I would've recommended them in a heartbeat. I have nothing but good memories and positive things to say about Solenoid, they're kind, thoughtful, and are always wholeheartedly trying to help when they see someone struggling. I've encountered this kind of attitude from them while playing random names and it always leaves me with a smile to know that she was spending so much time helping me do something as small as get a haircut because she thought I was new to the game.

I 100% endorse Solenoid as a mentor, I think she would do a great job and has been a ray of sunshine in the community as a whole.
+1. Character name tracks. I can only talk in detail about command but Solenoid plays an HoP who actually H's the Ps, if you can believe that. Very easygoing person, goes out of their way to talk to anyone and everyone. Solenoid, I could not guess who your favorite players or best friends are based on in-round behavior because you treat everyone like your friend.
As fitting as the character name, Solenoid is indeed extremely helpful. I haven't played as much recently but all of what I can remember of your character is good things. I've observed some real good fun and inclusive RP antaggery, funny gimmicks, and it seems like they're willing to talk to and include absolutely anyone and everyone in their RP.

Solenoid has stood out to me for a long time as such a friendly, inclusive, and helpful player. I'm so glad to see this mentor application up! I think they'd do great.

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