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[CLOSED PR] Adds viscorgans to the medical fabricator
Adding viscorgans when synthorgans already exist seem a little redundant to me. That being said, synthorgans are rarely immediatly available. For various reasons.

One of them is that while growing any particular synthorgan isn't too complicated, growing each and everyone of them just in case is rather tedious since each organ require a different mutation and infusion. A few a theses infusion require chemicals botanist can't get by themselves too.

Synthorgans also have nothing special about them, making them uninteresting to grow for augmentation or gimmicks. The only thing they have is slightly more health based off the plant's endurance.

Synthorgans would be much more appealing and convenient to grow if they all grew from a single plant. Like a big synthorgan sack producing an assortment of random organs each harvest or something. So you could keep a single organ plant around just in case instead of making 10 different infusion triggered mutant plants.
So as I read it the issue that is trying to be solved is "doctors being able to install fancy cyberorgans is not desired, their job is 'make human have organ so they don't die' and not augmenting".

I can get behind this as an idea.

Stick a functional batch of organs in the box of parts that is present on basically all maps (currently the stuff in there is only really used as cloner fuel). That way, if someone rocks up needing an organ you have one on hand. Replacing that spare part so you have one in reserve still is now on you. Use one of the options available: harvest from a monkey, harvest from a dead guy, get a cyberorgan from the roboticist/cargo, dump synthorgans from botany in there.
One option for getting organs that I have not seen posted here is harvesting from monkeys and/or morgued corpses. It's way more reliable than asking botany for things, available to all of medbay, and in true SS13 fashion, very easy to accidentally make a huge mess with. I think encouraging doctors to "recycle" in this fashion in the absence of roboticists would be more engaging than any of the other options presented.
(01-25-2024, 08:02 AM)mintyphresh Wrote: My biggest (and frankly, only) gripe with this PR is from a lore perspective... Viscerite is martian meat, martian building material, etc... It's easy for martians to mold, reshape, and build with is, because they are it and it is them. It's incredibly out of place to me for a fabricator to be able to sculpt viscerite into working organs-- humanity's not been shown being able to do something like that before AFAIK.

Oh an excuse to talk about lore, I will happily take this. I'll admit, this is a bit of a shift with how viscerite is currently in game, but honestly that's mostly because viscerite doesnt do much currently. Jones is canonically made out of viscerite, but that is half due to a self admittedly shitpost of a pr. In general, the way I perceive viscerite is "martian super stem cells". "Raw" viscerite doesnt do much besides grow and absorb nutrients, but it's capable of being shaped to an incredibly diverse degree. I remember aph for example playing around with kingsway having advanced tools being made out of viscerite below the surface, and also you can clone humans with viscerite. I don't think its out of line lore wise for viscerite being capable of being shaped to make incredibly shoddy experimental organ replacements considering we can do the same with plants.

(01-25-2024, 08:19 AM)RubberRats Wrote: One option for getting organs that I have not seen posted here is harvesting from monkeys and/or morgued corpses. 

I definitely want this to be a viable option. I intend on making viscorgans way worse in general (specifics TBD but probably a reverse of the cyberorgan differences), so if you want to be kind to your patient, spending the time harvesting regular organs will help them out. It's important to note without mining, there's no other way to get viscerite. This means that without mining you're looking at ~6 organs you can print out max. This number may be too high but this can easily be changed. I'm not against tossing a corpse in morgues roundstart specifically for encouraging this.
What if there was a reclaimer module that would dump all usable organs for less biomatter when reclaiming?
(01-25-2024, 02:56 PM)mralexs Wrote: What if there was a reclaimer module that would dump all usable organs for less biomatter when reclaiming?

Or maybe a mini cloner that specifically makes organs and limbs
my only problem with them was just that they're so boring as is. organ sourcing isn't a huge issue.
I dont see a great deal of use for these being craftable if they do nothing special. If they're going to just be 'normal organs but worse' they fit much better as being roundstart organs for alien races.
I think this PR is good, but it's sort of just emblematic of a general problem with Robotics. It's a step in a better direction, sure- but I feel like a lot of the feedback here is more telling about the state of robotics than anything. The reason why roboticists have nothing to do is not that doctors are replacing the odd organ, but because robotics has very little gameplay outside of making more cyborgs. 

Robotics has a very low skill ceiling, which is great for new players! But it also limits the amount of time someone can spend as a roboticist before the job starts feeling dull. Once you learn how to assemble a cyborg in a minute or less, how to replace a heart, and how to do surgeries without the person bleeding out on your table, you've basically done everything Robotics has to offer mechanically. In comparison to every other "mechanical" job, Roboticists feel like they've gotten the short end of the stick. Of course, there's plenty of RP with the cyborgs and stuff, but Robotics is in dire need of some sort of new mechanics to give roboticists other things to do. Organ replacements being handed off to the doctors shouldn't significantly affect Robotics' gameplay as much as it is now.

I think this is a good stopgap to increase the stuff that roboticists get to do in a round, but it remains to be seen whether or not anything can be added to robotics to fix the root cause of the problem this PR's about. Overall, I'm for this change, but it's important to consider the context it's coming up in.
(01-25-2024, 12:42 AM)Lord_earthfire Wrote: Also, viscerite based otems are mostly extremly alien/harmfull. Making normal, functioning organs out if it feels odd.

One of viscerites main uses is to fuel the cloning pod (not that anyone does this instead of using synthflesh or corpses), so a person could end up being made entirely out of viscerite anyway so I don't see an issue with it
Copying from github:

Closing because upon further thought, while I love these things thematically, its gonna take a lot of work to make them have a unique niche that is useful and I'm not really willing to work on that for now. I still think that making organ enhancement unique to robotics is a good idea, and a lot of good ideas got floated around, however this implementation isnt quiite there.
Dropping my singular random idea on this thread even though it's closed. If we wanted to make it so medbay doesn't give out robo organs, and make that the domain of roboticists, you could always add basic synthflesh organs into the printer. The manufacturers support having a chem being a requirement, so you could add synthflesh into the recipe. Then give their fabricator a small stock at round start to print a couple organs until more synthflesh could be made.

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