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Funny clown thing
Usual Clown name:Archie baker the clown [or] The not-so-funny clown
BYOND username: Pugman899
Recommended by (if applicable):no one
Goon servers you play:Roleplay 3, morty

Clowning Experience:
Answer one or more of the following:
 ? What advice would you give to other Clowns? To talk less and honk more
 ? What was one of your favorite Clown moments? (Either playing as a Clown or interacting with one) When I started juggling people, and the gods gave me a bubble gun after a vending machine crushed me and sent me to CC as a reward [i think]
Answer one or more of the following fun questions:
 ? Suggest a new clowning tool or gadget (i.e. bike horn, canned laughter) R.C banana
 ? What's a prank or gimmick that you've always wanted to pull off? Conga line, but everyone is ontop of a peel, slipping all at once
 ? Draw a picture! uhhhhhhhhh here have this instead: space owl

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