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[MERGED PR] Converts oil for borgs into a status effect and rebalances it
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About the PR
If you want the tldr of the new oil behavior, in short being oiled recently makes you freshly oiled which makes you go really fast and power efficent for a max of 15 seconds. This decays into the oiled status effect for a max of 6 minutes, which makes you go go somewhat fast and somewhat power efficent. Just look at the video below

To sum up the old oil behavior for probably unneeded context, one unit of oil applied 2 seconds of being oiled, this status effect reduces your speed by .5, reduces your max stun by 25% + stun resistance by 25, and halves your passive power consumption. This had no clamp.

To sum up the new behavior, this pr splits oil into two status effects, oiled and freshly oiled. Both status effects apply the stun modifiers described above.

Every unit of oil applied to a borg applies half a second of the freshly oiled status effect. This status effect caps out at 15 seconds, meaning you need to apply 30 units to cap this effect. This halves your passive power consumption, and reduces your movement delay by 50%. When freshly oiled is finished, you get applied the oiled status effect with 24 times the duration you've had the freshly oiled status effect for, meaning you have to have freshly oiled for at least 15 seconds to cap out at 6 minutes.

Oiled status effect just reduces your movement delay and passive power consumption by 15%, and also does the same stun modifiers mentioned above.

Why's this needed?
This new behavior is both far more readable, and also far more interesting and fun, also hopefully well balanced.


(*)The previous behavior for oil in regards to borgs has been split into two status effects, freshly oiled and oiled. These apply speed increase and power consumption decrease in varying amounts, alongside stun resistance.

im a little worried this'll make cyborg players always carry a beaker of oil for quick getaways
(01-11-2024, 08:30 AM)Idiot Wrote: im a little worried this'll make cyborg players always carry a beaker of oil for quick getaways

Part of the intent of this pr is to codify that a little bit. Beakers are really valuable for chem/medborgs so it should hopefully be balanced out by that fact.

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